Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
Good WiFi

Your home security camera plays a very important role. It forms the basis of your overall protection and alerts you whenever something unexpected happens. Furthermore, the WiFi camera is a deterrent to potential burglars as they know they are under monitoring.

The security industry has a wide range of cameras. Each of these cameras incorporates diverse features, some of which may or may not be relevant to your requirements. With that in mind, you must select a good home security camera that meets certain metrics. Keep reading to learn more about the features of a WiFi camera.

#1: Motion detection

You cannot overstate the need to select a WiFi camera with motion sensing capability. That becomes important whenever you want to instantly record suspicious activity as the camera is active. Instead of recording throughout the night and day, motion sensing ability means you record actions as they take place. Recording pauses until there is something in the frame. Furthermore, you may set to get alerts if something moves when it is not supposed to. 

#2: Audio 

A good WiFi camera can be improved if it has audio ability. The two-way talk feature means you can communicate with the person within your premises even when you are not around. Imagine a situation where you are notified of some activities in your compound. And on watching the camera, you get to see that a burglar is breaking in. all you would have to do is open the camera’s app and caution the thief that they are being watched. The simple act of communicating with them can immediately stop their malicious plans. 

#3: Larger viewing angle 

When installing WiFi cameras, you cannot afford to compromise on the viewing field. What is the point of installing a camera when you cannot see the entire area? A camera that has a broader viewing angle has two benefits. For starters, you have the flexibility of installing at any point within the room as it will cover more space. Secondly, you minimize the number of cameras needed to capture the entire living space.

#4: Source of power

Different WiFi cameras are normally powered differently. You may incur extra electrical wiring costs if you choose a camera that does not fit your standard power outlet. Understand the power outlet in your home and choose a camera that fits. Also, get a longer power cord that may give you more flexibility regarding the camera’s position. 

#5: Video quality

Your WiFi camera is as good as the quality of video it captures. What would be the point of installing a camera only to realize you cannot see the people in the footage? Go for a camera that has at least a 720p resolution. However, you also need to factor in your home Internet issue. Streaming very high bandwidth may negatively affect your Internet speeds, especially if you have a lower bandwidth capacity.