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Different Types Of Minecraft Servers

From the offset, Minecraft is a pretty complicated game with plenty of modes and servers to try. Minecraft’s servers are a business or player-owned platform that allows multiple players to compete against one another at once. 

It may come as no surprise to learn that some of the most ambitious and creative minds belong to Minecraft users. These players have been – and continue to be – capable of creating some exceptional programs and developmental server programs.      

While the best Minecraft servers add lots of much-needed fun to the incredible game, they are also known to add to the overall confusion.

There are a couple of Minecraft servers you must know about, each defined by its unique rules, gameplay features, and societal structures that are implemented. 

Let’s jump straight in!

What Is A Minecraft Server?

Servers allow Minecraft players to game together or through a local area network. It turns the single-player game into something that multiple users can enjoy in all parts of the world.

They are typically modeled after existing settings or fictional worlds to make them appealing to players but there are also a few that do not follow a specific story.


If players are seeking a server without any rules, look no further than the anarchy server! Here, players can do whatever they want to without the worry of being banned for their actions. Even fighting between players and cheats is permitted.

For the most part, they’re considered open survival servers that are good for enacting mayhem. The core goal for anarchy servers is to survive in the wild with little to no resources while also hiding from more hostile players.

Griefing is allowed on this server, so players may want to hide their crafted items to keep them safe.

Challenge Servers 

If a player is seeking a challenge, this is the server to try. Challenges range from completing a parkour course to building an underwater base and are determined by the server’s administrators.

You never know what you’re going to get with these servers so they’re probably better for more experienced players rather than beginners. 

Creative Servers

This type of Minecraft server is an amazing platform to build your designs without having to worry about the interference of mobs. It typically provides players with unlimited blocks with a server area that is empty of mountains, river biomes, and hills. 

Simply put, the emphasis on the creative server is to challenge players to embrace their inner creativity, in whatever way that may be!

Economy Servers 

An established economic environment makes one of these servers very challenging. Some of the most common forms of the economy on a Minecraft server include shops, tradable currency, and marketplaces where players can buy and sell crafted items.

Typically, the economy Minecraft servers also have plenty of land that can be bought and then built upon.

Faction Servers

These group servers truly bring the entertainment! Opposing Factions (or ‘teams’) are considered at war with one another, and only by uniting will they stand a chance at being successful.

Griefing and stealing are encouraged with this server, and raiding the town of the opposing faction can be pretty fun. However, players must be able to plan and communicate to pull this off.

Family-Friendly Servers

If a younger or more inexperienced player wants to enjoy Minecraft without getting lost on random servers or having to experience griefing (destroying buildings and stealing crafted items), this is a great server type to choose! It will keep them safe until they are ready to progress to a new stage.

Hardcore Servers

Much like anarchy servers, hardcore Minecraft servers don’t have many aims and rules to make the game as difficult as possible to play. The competition is also pretty fierce in these servers, making them best for experienced players.

It’s much the same as survival mode but players only have one life. This typically results in a last-man-standing scenario.

Hunger Games Servers

As the name suggests, this server is based on the popular Hollywood blockbuster series The Hunger Games. It uses a similar format to generate the enticing style of play that many Minecraft players adore.

Becoming more popular by the day, hunger games Minecraft servers are a fight to the death with an open map (usually). The fighting area features players spread out all over who must then hunt, or become the hunted until one player remains.

Player Versus Player (PvP)

In this type of server, players are actively encouraged to fight against one another. You’ll need good survival skills as the regular spawn areas are frequently the main targets of other players. Regardless, it’s lots of fun!

Stealing and griefing are generally not allowed on these servers which means the competition is a lot easier to cope with than on other servers that permit this behavior, such as anarchy.

Prison Servers

These are also quite popular among Minecraft players. Gamers are subject to general life in prison and must obey the guards and earn enough credits to purchase items, among other things. The enjoyment stems from instances where prisoners (or the players) try to escape.

Minecraft’s prison servers are mainly considered PvP or stealing environments, and offer gamers an easy way to rank up by earning some money.

Private/Personal Servers

Personal or private servers are practically invitation-only and require a player to send a link to another player before access can be granted. After a player has received the IP address for a specific server, they can then log in and begin their gameplay.

Many of these servers have a password that is changed every 24 hours or so to ensure that the login information is secure and protected against third parties.

Role-play Servers

Minecraft players are encouraged to act within a specific role when they play on a role-play server. For example, a shopkeeper would be tasked with trading specific items in their store, and a farmer would be tasked with growing vegetables.  They wouldn’t suddenly be tasked with crafting blacksmith items.

Survival or Player Versus Entertainment (PvE) Servers

These servers are used only in survival mode, as the name suggests. They’re the closest server to the original version of the Minecraft game and are populated by all types of players.

They are pretty similar to anarchy servers but typically come with far more rules. Survival servers also typically prohibit (or strongly discourage) the acts of exploiting and griefing. After all, this server is all about surviving the Minecraft world and all the fun it entails.

Vanilla Servers

As the name suggests, these Minecraft servers are some of the plainest and purist versions of an application or a game. An application referred to as “vanilla” should not feature any additional custom software or plugins.

These aim to provide players with a survival experience that is most faithful to the original Java Edition game. Finding a well-structured vanilla server in Minecraft can be a pretty big gulp of fresh air for players in a world where so many servers with strange concepts exist.


That concludes this article all about the different types of Minecraft servers that are currently out there. As you now know, there are many Minecraft servers in existence. Although it can seem a bit confusing at first glance, it truly won’t be difficult for players to find one that best fits their preferred gameplay or outcome!

Make sure to select a server that works with your overall Minecraft experience level as you may quickly find yourself becoming overwhelmed by everything.  

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