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Cloud computing technologies have taken the world by storm. And one such technology is Salesforce. Here, the article will focus on some of the free Salesforce training resources you must concentrate on to upskill your career.

But before moving on, we will introduce you to what exactly Salesforce is. How is it used? Why are companies looking for professionals with Salesforce training certification?

What is Salesforce?

As years have passed with advancements in technology and eCommerce, it is a must for companies to manage customer data effectively. As a result, organizations have adopted Salesforce, a CRM tool to support sales and marketing teams worldwide.

Salesforce is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) CRM company. Salesforce provides custom software solutions for various businesses like financial institutions, the healthcare industry, corporate systems, etc. 

It allows businesses to use cloud technology to connect with their customers. For example, with the Salesforce CRM, teams and managers can track records of customer activity, improve customer service, etc. 

Since there is more demand for Salesforce products and services, companies want to hire skilled professionals who know all about Salesforce. 

To learn Salesforce, it is essential to get the basics right. That is why we have a list of Salesforce free training courses that you can choose from to provide you with all the guidance you need to become an expert. 

The importance of learning Salesforce

Many companies are building their apps on the Salesforce platform or migrating to it. This has made more people want to work as Salesforce developers and admins. As a result, Salesforce Architect is one of the hottest skills on a tech resume, and now is the right time to get Salesforce certified.

Businesses of all sizes, from independent companies to tech giants like Google and Facebook, use their services and products to solve business problems. Salesforce is used by a wide range of industries for their everyday tasks and work needs. There are a lot of Salesforce jobs, and you can do a lot with a Salesforce career. 

A list of the best free Salesforce Training Online Courses

  1. Trailhead

Trailhead is an accessible way to learn how to use Salesforce, which Salesforce offers. Using Trailhead, new and experienced Salesforce users can learn new skills and become experts.

Trailhead provides Salesforce training certification. Some of which are free and paid. You have to sign up for the course on their website, and you’ll get all the study material you need to practice and learn. 

The benefit of using Trailhead to learn Salesforce is that it lets you earn resume-worthy credentials. You can also find the opportunity to work all around the world. 

In addition to course-related questions, you can talk to professionals about career advice and opportunities.

  1. Salesforce introductory course and Career Planning- Udemy

This is also a fantastic course to learn Salesforce. It is a Salesforce free training course for which you only need an internet connection. So if you are looking for a career switch or thinking about upgrading your skills, this course will guide you along the way.

 In the free version of this course, you will get access to free video content, which is perfect for beginners who can then decide to pursue the certification training program.

With the Salesforce training, you can cover essential topics like an introduction to Salesforce, resources to help you with certification, etc.

  1. Salesforce Administrator & App Builder- SkillUp by Simplilearn

The next Salesforce training, one of the most relevant courses to learn Salesforce, is the course offered by Simplilearn. It not only prepares you for the Salesforce exam but with this free training course, you can aim to become an expert Salesforce Administrator.

The course covers self-paced learning of about 16 hours of video content, which you can download and learn about basic skills like sales and service cloud, security control, data management, user interface, application lifecycle management, and many more.

What Is Salesforce? | Why Salesforce? | Salesforce Training Videos For Beginners | Simplilearn

Watch this video to understand how Salesforce training can help you dive into the course for a well-paying Salesforce job. 

Suppose you choose this free Salesforce training program. In that case, your chances of getting a job increase since many hiring managers are looking for skilled professionals and the opportunity to earn much more. 

These are our top recommendations for Salesforce training. Salesforce is a highly in-demand tool, so it is the best choice if you’re looking for a safe way to obtain certification for future use.

Moving forward, let us look at the benefits of Salesforce training.

Benefits of Salesforce Training

  1. Regulation of Data

A Salesforce training certification will allow you to create accurate and reliable data that will benefit the company. In addition, the training will help you record countless data to ensure the smooth running of your organization.

  1. Better Customer Service

An excellent Salesforce employee with all the knowledge about the products and services is a fantastic advantage to the company. If a customer has a query, a well-trained employee will be able to help the customer better, improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Employee Satisfaction

Customers who are happy with the services are bound to increase employee satisfaction. Productive outcomes that are valuable financially to the organization enhance employee confidence and encourage them to work harder and achieve more.

Let us proceed further to know who can take up a Salesforce training online certification program. 

 Who should learn Salesforce?

  1. A recent graduate
  2. An individual seeking a job in Salesforce Development
  3. An IT student interested in expanding their skillset
  4. A project manager or Salesforce consultant.
  5. A professional looking to transition into a Salesforce development role

If you want to learn more about Salesforce, now is the right time with the help of this list of free Salesforce training courses available to you. These courses can give you an overview of Salesforce and prepare you to use tools and techniques to build and create apps online.

By Richard Maxwell

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