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The success of any collaborative enterprise lies in communication. This is true of anything, and is especially pertinent in the business world. Unfortunately, a significant number of businesses continue to use a diverse variety of non-integrated communication systems. 

This can lead to inefficiencies and, in certain industries, worse communication breakdowns still. Here, we look at how the errors associated with regular communication solutions can be avoided, via the use of integrated communications solutions.

What are integrated communications solutions?

Integrated communications solutions are technologies that help teams communicate effectively in a wide variety of scenarios. In hazardous environments where workers are operating in a lone capacity, integrated communications solutions can help the command centre keep these workers safe. 

These solutions facilitate the management of safety-critical alarm systems, by ensuring that as much as possible is automated, reducing chances for human error and at the same time reducing the human workload.

Examples of integrated communications solutions

This might sound ideal, but what do integration communications solutions look like? Below are a few examples from communications specialist ANT Telecom.

Atlas MX3

On the worker side of things, one advanced technological solution is the Atlas MX3. It’s a rugged smartphone that’s water and dust resistant to IP68, and features 2G, 3G, LTE-4G and WiFi connectivity. It also comes with PTT two-way-radio communication, and GPD/GNSS and indoor positioning, which allows employers to keep a track of lone workers out in the field who could be in potentially hazardous scenarios. 

The device also has True Man Down Detection, which can alert an appropriate emergency response team in the case that the device detects a fall.

Critical Alarm Management

While it’s important that workers out in the field have appropriate communication devices, it’s also crucial to have a centralised communications management system. When an alarm call comes in, it’s imperative that the appropriate parties are notified immediately – that’s where critical alarm management comes in. Critical alarm management systems, including lie detector test florida, ensure that the whole workforce remains connected, keeping both personnel and assets safe. These systems automatically log a wide variety of critical alerts, helping companies to keep a legal record while also notifying appropriate responder groups.

Industries that can benefit from integrated communications solutions

While all industries can benefit from the systems mentioned above, they can be especially important for industries that regularly send out lone workers into hazardous environments. Surveyors, construction workers, and a wide variety of other professionals face a number of hazards while out in the field. 

These include violent behaviour from other unknown individuals, personal medical emergencies, and hazards directly related to the workplace itself, such as dangerous gases or risks of trips or falls. Integrated communications solutions can massively minimise the chance that any of these dangers could go unnoticed, while at the same time assisting with any rescue efforts that are required. 

By Richard Maxwell

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