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Migraine Cure-Safe and Natural Migraine Treatment in AyurvedaMigraine Cure-Safe and Natural Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda

A migraine feels like a constant throbbing pain on one side of the head and frequently comes with sensitivity to light, sound, or scent. People currently prefer Ayurvedic treatments and medications since they have no adverse effects. Ayurveda is significant for its comprehensive natural therapy method that addresses ailments and enhances physical and mental wellness. Contrary to Western medicine, Ayurveda concentrates on the root of a problem rather than merely the symptoms. In the following article, we will go through the natural migraine treatment in Ayurveda.

Types Of Natural Treatments In Ayurveda

The following are some efficient natural migraine treatment in Ayurvedathat works amazingly in treating migraine headaches and alleviating terrible discomfort in the area of the face and head.


This treatment has a significant impact on the nervous system. A vibration effect is produced as warm oil is gradually poured over the forehead’s nerve-rich region. This therapy functions as a natural migraine treatment by putting the overworked nerves into a condition of mental relaxation.


This Ayurvedic treatment involves tightly applying a leather cap to the forehead. The hat has a hollow hole in the center. Medical oils are progressively poured into that hole and held appropriately for a set period. Shirovasti addresses conditions including migraine, excruciating pain, or melancholy.

Ghee and saffron

It is another effective natural remedy used in migraine treatment in Ayurveda.After putting a few drops of a combination of saffron paste and ghee in each nostril, you should take deep breaths. This Ayurvedic migraine therapy will minimize your terrible suffering and provide you with excellent benefits.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint has traditionally been used for its soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties. It is an effective Ayurvedic remedy for migraines because of its menthol, which soothes tense muscles. The scent of peppermint oil works wonders for relaxing the nerves. Both the leaves and the essential oil are beneficial.


Yoga is one of the most effective natural migraine treatment in Ayurveda. Yoga asanas and pranayama techniques can address the multiple underlying causes of migraine, such as stress and hormone imbalance.


Dhoomapana is an effective method for lowering stress, anxiety, and tension that involves breathing in the healing vapors of a few certain aromatic herbs. Breathing sandalwood or cardamom powder aromas gently awakens the senses, calms the mind, and eliminates migraines by releasing tension in the brain.

Brahmi Oil or Paste

One of the most significant Rasayana, or rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda, is Brahmi. It has a calming and soothing impact that helps reduce tension and encourage rest and sleep, and it also possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities.

It is a frequent component in Ayurvedic remedies for migraines because of all of these qualities, which make it effective in the treatment of migraines. Brahmi oil and pastes can also be used on the nostrils or massaged onto the scalp to relieve migraines naturally.


Ginger is another natural medicine used for generations to ease headaches. Gingerol is the principal bioactive component found in ginger and is responsible for the plant’s therapeutic qualities.

Additionally, it is rich in active ingredients like phenolic and terpene components that can help treat throbbing migraine headaches.

Numerous studies indicate that ginger may be an excellent Ayurvedic treatment for migraines as it can relieve symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and an upset stomach. It also lowers the muscular spasms and inflammation that cause headaches.

Ice packs and Giloy

Numerous Ayurvedic home remedies deliver fantastic benefits in a short amount of time. You can apply an ice pack to your forehead to relieve pain. Tinospora cordifolia, also known as giloy, might provide immediate relief when combined with raw honey.


Triphala is one of the most effective migraine treatments in Ayurveda. It enhances breathing, cleans the sinuses and nasal passageways of allergens and blockages, and effectively lessens migraines. Triphala is a well-known traditional ayurvedic mixture of herbs, including hareetaki, bibhitaki, and Amalaki function best as a rejuvenating medicine.


KsheeraGhrita, a glass of milk and ghee, is a terrific all-natural beverage that works wonders to relieve migraine headaches. Numerous nutrients, including calcium, proteins, healthy fats, vitamin D, and vitamin E, work together to improve mood, stimulate the neurological system, and regulate metabolism, which calms the throbbing headache caused by migraines.


Migraine is a highly significant medical condition. Many people ignore migraine symptoms, which can seriously harm the body. Migraine treatment in Ayurveda includes several methods for treating the conditions organically. In the above article, we have seen several naturalmigraine treatment in Ayurveda.

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