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Dubai desert safari is also the main tourist attraction in Dubai. You can have everything you ever dreamed of: camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding, hookah, belly dancing, and many other fun activities.

This article will guide you about the Dubai Desert Safari  tour activities and packages in Dubai that must be allowed.

VIP Desert Safari

A 4×4 Land Cruiser will pick you up at your hotel. Please arrive on time, so you don’t miss your pickup. Everything looks good.

Dunes bashing

Riding a 4×4 in the inhospitable desert terrain is one of the most exciting trips. It reminds you of fun trips in the desert. Please do not eat anything before this ride.

Riding camel

Camel riding is another attractive ride in the desert. The moment you ride a camel will be unique. Prices range from $46 to $150. It depends on where you ride

Ride on the sand

You may ride on snow fields, but sandboarding is a much more exciting activity. This activity is safe and secure for visitors, so there is no need to hesitate before setting foot. There is none. It can reach a height of 1000 feet above the ground.

International barbecue and buffet dinner

Are you hungry? No problem. You will not be bored with the Dubai desert safari. You can enjoy a delicious barbecue at the camp and restaurants. If you are a vegetarian or non, there is a full menu for these people. Vegetarian options are available at the dinner buffet.

Belly dance and other performances

Enjoy a delicious dinner and a fun and exciting belly dance performance with soft drinks. There are also other performances

Desert safari packages according to budget

Packages like morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and night desert safari are also available. Check all the ticket possibilities available in the market and choose a ticket within your price range. The list provided should always be checked before booking a trip. As a bonus, many of these events include complimentary breakfast or dinner. You may be able to get a lower price if you buy tickets online. Use your promo code.

Activity content

Generally, desert safaris in Dubai offer two types of cultural and adventure activities. Please check the activities included in the booking price before purchasing. Each trip has different activities. So this is important. These experiences may only be available on specific tours like camel and hot air balloon rides.


These desert safaris are available at different times and easily fit into your schedule. If you have a few hours to spare, you can go on a morning or evening safari. A morning desert safari is the best way to see more of the city’s attractions. Since I have time, other popular choices include a sunrise or sunset evening desert safari.

Desert safari collection

A selection of desserts begins after the proposed dinner. The collection of dinner terms here is the best of all periods. The natural ones are more important here. Apart from the fun desert safari experience, this group is the best. So the natural range of the refining process is a real attraction. Sahara Safari is known for its services in the Sahara Safari business here. Raw corn is a natural logical option here. 

Book a special dinner menu

For better results here, Natural Surprise is not the real version of the best deal here. The best service is at full throttle. Here the behavior changes first, including the most realistic displays. Failed transactions are best presented in a new routine here. Apart from that, we will continue with the most reliable dinner options that are increasing in the previous action.

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