Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

The eSports industry is booming at a significant speed these days. By 2023, gaming apps will hit $100 billion and achieve a decade of double-digit growth. Last year it generated more than 50% of the global gaming market.

So do you also want to join this company and earn billions? If yes, then build an eSports app today by hiring a mobile app developer. But before this, you need guidance on why an eSports startup should develop an app, the features needed, and the benefits of developing an eSports app.

For this, we have prepared a detailed guide of unbeatable features and benefits of app development for eSports startups. Then let’s get started.

Know the Impact of Apps on the eSports Industry

Considering how lucrative the esports industry has become and the statistics involved on a regular basis, the introduction of an entire dedicated platform has been necessary. The platform consists of a plethora of features and tools that help your average esports enthusiast keep up with their favorite team or organization.

You will find out that for eSports organizations their communities are the most important thing, building a fan base and providing a personalized experience is what they aim for as eSports is becoming a prominent mobile game development trend. 

The fundamentals of the app do include basic analytical and statics features, However, the majority of the significance is given to social media-related features. As they help to an expansion of the digital presence of the eSports industry and keep them interconnected with their communities.

Why Should an eSports Startup Develop an App?

Initially, users are highly engaged with these apps, and eSports is an enormous market for probable revenue. In fact, 62% of users install a game within the first week of purchasing their new mobile device–this is typically to put it through its paces and is a key time to reach people.

Great game design can inspire mobile gamers to wait for further updates and expansions, with users frequently returning to look for future game apps by the same developer. The best game app developers will see a loyal and engaged audience that no other app category can match.

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Must-have Features of an eSports App 

Here, in this section, we will disclose the necessary features an app should have for eSports startups. Have a quick look:

  1. Gamified UI

It is not a secret that having an immersive user interface allows the audience to become more interested in the topic. The user interface is the best way to retain customers by making it attractive and captivating. Development companies are trying to achieve these features by gamifying the user interface.

Game console-like fonts and navigations resemble jargon used in the gaming industry and backgrounds dedicated to the map of various games.

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  1. Real-time tracking

These apps, just like eSports games, are all about speed, accuracy, and building the user’s sense of play. Achieving this requires a high data throughput network and dev-ops have taken a sigh of relief since the improvement made in the Internet of Things sectors and the introduction of the 5G network.

Users who want to actively participate as spectators but do not have the time or circumstances can make use of the analytical data to follow the statistics in real-time of the matches of their teams.

  1. Interconnectivity

Increasing the accessibility of the platform/applications is the second goal of any developer. We talked about how creating a more complete application is the key. Another way to achieve this effectively is by interconnecting the application with other social media platforms.

For example, there is a particular eSports analytics app that is connected to a streaming platform that gives users quick access to their favorite scrims in seconds and they can quickly return to the app to complete detailed analysis. This latter range of connectivity has helped small-time commentators break down the productivity of a tournament match for their fans and viewers.

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  1. Personalization and Social Forums

Day by day, social media is becoming an essential part of our daily lives and developers are smart enough to reap the benefits of social media elements when they start their eSports app development. Connecting users via several chat rooms and discussions, a forum is a crucial function of the application.

  1. Monetization

There are several ways to monetize the apps, some of them include turning them into a fantasy esports platform, introducing a betting model, and an NFT-based watch earning model. Supporters get special digital tokens that they can use while playing the game and buying/trading many digital assets within the community.

What are the benefits of app development for eSports startups?

In this section, you will learn about the main benefits of eSports application development. Take a quick tour:

1. Faster iteration

Are you excited about the first prototype of your eSports game? Mobile games are faster to test and release beta versions. Its size is relatively smaller compared to PC video games that often run on a highly detailed interface. Mobile development allows you to evaluate building your game as quickly as possible.

2. Big market

Esports is where the target audience is most easily reached. An estimated 2.7 billion gamers play regularly. Due to how accessible mobile games are, there is a higher demand for mobile game development. However, a large audience also means that the market can be saturated with aspiring mobile game developers like you.

3. In-app purchases drive revenue

eSports players drive sales with their continued patronage of in-app purchases. The in-game currency is awarded to players after completing certain missions and challenges or purchased with real money. New content also contributes to in-app purchases. Live games come with the promise of new content for players old and new to explore.

The nicer the new content, the more likely players are to purchase in-app products. The compact size of mobile games allows developers to release new content at a steady pace. Large-scale game developers, on the other hand, may find it difficult to regularly release new updates across a diverse network of gaming devices.

4. Advertising Revenue

eSports app development is the perfect avenue for marketers to advertise products and services without risking loss. Rewarded ads are a foolproof method that benefits both the player and the brand. Statistically, esports produces approximately US $39.8 billion through advertising revenue.

Final Verdict

The world of sports app development is vast and exciting. We’ve given you the basics to get started in this blog post, but there are many more strategies you can apply to mobile app development for gamers.

But still, if you think developing an app is too complicated, don’t worry. There are best sports app development companies like Quytech who can help with everything. 

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