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There are a variety of options for Umrah Packages from UK. Whether you want to travel economy or require the luxury provision of Umrah travel services, all types of packages are offered by various travel agents. While budget travel options ensure affordability for you, premium packages are more inclined towards the exclusivity of services.

If you want to travel for Umrah but are on a budget, then cheap Umrah packages are your best companion. You can choose from a 3-star economy package or a 4-star one to get the following benefits.


As said earlier, the first and foremost advantage of booking a cheap Umrah package is the affordability it offers throughout your holy trip. Since these packages are specifically designed to accommodate a diverse range of budgets, you can expect to get qualitative yet affordable travel and living arrangements in Saudia Arabia. 

Economical Accommodations.

While the accommodations offered within the cheap Umrah packages are not luxurious, the hotels remain strategically situated near Haram in Makkah and Madina and provide all of the basic living amenities. 

The primary focus of these accommodations is to offer pilgrims a comfortable, clean and quality place to stay without having to worry about the extensive range of amenities associated with it. That’s why these hotels offer basic living amenities to minimize costs.

Basic Inclusions.

The basic inclusions of cheap Umrah travel include;

  • Visa processing.
  • Round-trip flights.
  • Ground transportation.
  • Budget-friendly hotels.
  • Breakfast meal.

If you want to get additional services like Ziyarath travel, more meal options, etc. you can buy them for an additional cost.

Group Discounts.

Usually, the cheap Umrah packages from the UK are offered in the form of groups i.e. there is a sharing nature of the living and travel facilities offered for the pilgrims. 

If you are travelling with family, you can opt for proximity groups i.e. consisting of your close ones only. On the other hand, if you are travelling alone, you can choose to travel in random groups i.e. consisting of random people that can be either from your region/locality or from different areas.

With group travel packages, you get;

  • Accommodation for sharing of 2-4 person.
  • Travel in buses.
  • Shuttle services.

Support Services.

Support services are standardized in all of the Umrah travel packages. Despite the cost-effectiveness, cheap Umrah packages offer essential customer support services for the pilgrims throughout the course of their trip. So that round-the-clock assistance can be offered for general inquiries or emergencies.

Umrah with Qatar Airways

There are some of the benefits that you get with the best cheap Umrah package UK – cost-effective flights with Qatar Airways, budget hotel reservations and cheap transportation arrangements for your stay in the Kingdom. Qatar Airways baggage allowance is very excessive for the flights which are departing for the Umrah.

Umrah Kits.

Cheap Umrah packages also include basic travel amenities for the Umrah pilgrimage that are complimentary from the agency. These amenities include;

  • Ihram.
  • Guidebooks.
  • Prayer supplies.

Customization Options.

Pilgrims have the option to custom-design their cheap Umrah travel packages to better fit their preferences and budget. In this regard, they are enabled to add or remove extra services from their package for a more personalized travel experience. 

In addition, you can talk about your estimated budget to the travel agency and receive an Umrah travel package that is curated specifically to fit your expected costs and needs!

Educational Opportunities.

For first-time Umrah travellers, there are educational workshops arranged by the travel agent that help pilgrims to know the dos and don’ts of Umrah as well as the legalities to consider during their trip to the foreign land. Therefore ensuring a smooth, hassle-free and seamless travel experience.

Transparent Pricing.

Cheap Umrah packages have a very transparent pricing policy. Everything included is communicated with the pilgrims and the services that come at an additional cost are also visibly explained. Therefore, minimizing the risk of hidden fees or unexpected expenses.

Cultural Experience.

Cheap Umrah travel offers a more immersive cultural experience for the pilgrims as they interact with locals more and experience daily life in the holy cities. All in all, it adds depth to their pilgrimage and fosters a deeper connection to the cultural as well as spiritual significance of the journey.

Opportunity for Regular Umrah Performances.

Lastly, the affordability of cheap Umrah packages allows pilgrims on a budget to opt for pilgrimage travel frequently without incurring significant financial burdens.

By Syler