Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

On Monday June seventh, Trisha Paytas stunned fans when she posted a business styled video to YouTube reporting the dispatch of her new skincare brand.

33-year-old YouTuber Trisha Paytas is notable for her show recordings, mukbangs, and shopping pulls. She has amassed more than 5,000,000 endorsers on her YouTube channel, and has as of late acquired acclaim for being the co-have, close by Ethan Klein, of the Frenemies digital recording.

Trisha Paytas reports new skin health management line

On Monday evening, Trisha took to YouTube to report the dispatch of her new skincare brand called “TrishSkin”. Her video, named “Trish Skin Care Commercial 1”, was recorded in the style of a business, with Trish showing pictures of the items just as when photographs.

The 33-year-old likewise displayed different elixirs and creams, and exhibited the use of each.

The style of the video, nonetheless, grabbed the eye of numerous as fans didn’t know whether she was kidding or not, inferring that the video was only an entertaining spoof.

Fans confounded about Trisha’s business

Albeit glad for the YouTube star, aficionados of Trisha Paytas were somewhat confounded with respect to the business, befuddled on the off chance that it was either genuine or a joke.

Fans additionally called her out at the costs of the items, considering her a “two-timer” for claiming to underwrite moderate items, yet selling healthy skin for more than $100.

Notwithstanding most of fans being energized for Trisha, others were left confounded about the business or frustrated in the costs.

To add, many called attention to that Trisha had done a compound strip days preceding the business, making fans question the legitimacy and viability of her items.

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