Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

If you are looking for the most efficient Resource Planning and Time Tracking for the Jira site, Activetimeline is the best option for you. Here is the single most efficient method for keeping track of Jira issues.

First of all, what is Jira?

Jira Software is a collection of tools that may be used to manage projects for various team configurations. When it was first developed, Jira intended to serve primarily as a tool for tracking and reporting issues and defects. This remains its primary function to this day. On the other hand, Jira has evolved into a powerful program for managing projects in various contexts, including agile software development, requirements management, and test case tracking.

Jira’s adaptability allows it to fulfil the requirements of even the most specialized teams. Learn more about the pre-set templates available in Jira and how they can assist you in getting your project off to a good start.

The things we are going to provide you are the following:

  • Jira project planning
  • Task Scheduler for Jira
  • All-Inclusive Reporting
  • Individual & Team Timelines

Jira project planning

Planning your resources and keeping tabs on how far along Jira projects are in their development go hand in hand. Throughout the entirety of the project, ActivityTimeline serves as a helpful planning tool.

Because the planning dashboard represents all of the existing activities, assists in identifying potential bottlenecks, and efficiently organizes duties, managing many teams and projects are no longer a source of headaches.

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Managing leaves of absence is a breeze when you use custom events. Enjoy the convenience of making speedy and straightforward arrangements for your next trip.

Task Scheduler for Jira

Create and schedule Jira issues straight from the Dashboard, monitor all resources and issues associated with the specific projects, understand how successful they are, and distribute the workload in the most agreeable manner possible to avoid overloading or underloading.

Modify how your issues are shown on the timeline. Create customized issues based on the Project, Status, Type, and Priority to which you assign them. With your problem-unique style, you will never miss crucial duties or tasks that could obstruct your progress. This ensures that you will take advantage of all potential roadblocks.

All-Inclusive Reporting

Learn to manage resources and use ActivityTimeline’s dozens of valuable reports. The Resource Utilization Report can help you understand your resource workload. This will help you plan resource capacity and minimize task overload.

Use multi-project reporting. The Project Resources Report lets you assess each project’s resource scheduling in a few clicks. The Actual vs. Planned Report compares projected results to actual project performance. See this report.

Individual & Team Timelines

Involving a dedicated Team Panel in both the short- and long-term planning processes has proven helpful. It allows for comprehensive planning and scheduling and a clear representation of any process’s various stages.

You can assign a considerable quantity of work to the team by scheduling Epics or Program Increments. Detailed information about available resources and the current workload for users and teams can be seen on a multi-purpose workload indicator.