Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
auto theft

Auto theft isn’t an uncommon problem in India. The problem is rising each passing day, owing to the escalating car and fuel prices. With the technological advancements, the thieves have too updated themselves. They no longer break into cars to steal them but instead use smart keys. But what are some of the most brilliant ways to secure your car from auto theft? While there aren’t shortcuts to becoming vigilant with your vehicle, there are some other ways too that can help you prevent your car from being stolen.

Auto Theft Prevention: How to Do it the Right Way?

There are a lot of things that you can do to prevent auto theft from ruining your life. Here are some of the ways you can protect your car from auto theft.

Buy The Best Auto-Theft Alarm

Cars aren’t equipped with alarm systems. However, when you buy an anti-theft alarm in the car, its loud ear-piercing noise will insist most thieves run away. This is because the loud siren noise can attract attention. You can buy anti-theft alarms from online stores to buy from a vast array of options. A good car accessories store will help you choose the right alarm. Top-class alarms will comprise a glass-breaking sensor. It also has a tilt sensor which will activate the alarm once they sense something suspicious.

Invest in a User-Friendly Car-Theft Deterrent Systems

Thieves don’t like to be challenged. While a simple car theft device from the best car accessories online store wouldn’t stop the thief from leaving his profession. Chances are that the thief would move on to a different car that is not complicated to steal. 

Another brilliant idea is to install a flashing LED light that resembles those that alarm systems use. Either you can use a hard-wired light and attach the same to a dashboard using an adhesive or even a solar-powered light will do.

Install a Car-Theft Tracking Systems

Consider plugging a tracking device on the On-Board Diagnostic port. This will help you to keep track of your car. Car-theft tracking systems are an important way of recovering stolen cars. There are various models available in the market, which requires a subscription charge monthly. Such anti-theft systems also offer remote car diagnostics, which proves useful when you have to troubleshoot problems.

Leaving The Car Running Unwatched is a Big Mistake, Avoid It

Most criminals take advantage of the opportunity that they get. A running an unwatched car on a driveway can always invite thieves to come and steal it. While it might feel overwhelming to leave your car under the sun to let it warm up while you grab breakfast on a winter morning, you must avoid it at all costs.

Put an Immobilizer to Stop Auto Theft

While a lot of new car modes are equipped with modern immobilizer systems. Thieves find this difficult to hotwire the car. Ask a technician or a mechanic to mount a non-complex immobilizer that might comprise of a hidden switch. The vehicle wouldn’t start when someone activates the kill switch. The best part is that the thieves wouldn’t be able to move your car unless they come to learn the location of the immobilizer.

Engrave the Vehicle Identification Number on Your Car’s Glass

Thieves are more prone to stealing your car parts, especially glass. The clear panels are an expensive affair when robbery leads to broken glass. However, if you can engrave the VIN on the glass corner? It might then become difficult for the thieves to sell them to the black market. A thief will never get attracted to your car, once you etch the VIN on your car’s glass.

Use Aluminium Foil to Wrap Your Car Keys

Once you can wrap your keys in aluminium foil, you can save them from relay attacks. Wrappings of the keys will limit the signals and block them. Thieves use devices to intercept the car key signal in your oblivion. Thieves can even access your car and take it somewhere else once they hijack the car keys. So, avoid hanging your keys to the door and rather foil-wrap them.

Turn the Car Tires to the Curb When You Have Packed It

When you turn your car tyres towards the curb, car manoeuvring becomes a difficult job for the thieves. This holds if they have brought along a tow truck. Thieves wouldn’t target your car if they had more time to steal and are complicated to hijack and breakthrough.

Never Leave the Windows and Doors Open 

When you are leaving your car anywhere, always remember to lock the doors and roll up the windows. Thieves grab the opportunity when you leave the car’s windows and doors open. 

One can never prepare themselves for auto theft. While you can always pray that this doesn’t happen to you, you must always try either of these hacks to prevent auto theft. These tips will help you secure your car from being stolen effectively.