Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

More and more companies are transitioning to a work-from-home or hybrid employment scheme. This has meant that more and more people are looking into curating the perfect work-from-home wardrobe. You might not have to wear business casual every day any longer, but that does not mean that you cannot appear chic and put-together on your daily Zoom call.

The Importance of Getting Dressed

Some people think that they do not have to get dressed when working from home. No one is going to see you, so why do you have to change out of your pyjamas? This is a dangerous position to get yourself into – you need to make sure that you are instead always putting your best foot forward.

If you wake up and do nothing except shuffle over to your laptop, you are doing nothing to help your mindset. You need to give yourself the little mental cues necessary to help you prepare for the day ahead. We usually get these from a commute, but you have to find them elsewhere when working from home. Getting dressed can help massively here, and can help to shift your headspace from one of sleep and relaxation to one of work. What’s more – it means that you will be able to safely stand up on a video call since you won’t have embarrassing pyjama bottoms on!

Comfort is Key

A work-from-home wardrobe should be comfortable above anything else. Looking into what athleisure wear can offer can be a fantastic move here, as it means that you can find comfortable clothing that still looks great.

Try to stick to light and breathable fabrics. Cottons and linens are amazing choices for this reason. They are comfortable to wear but they also look good if you have to answer the door or head onto a video call. You can choose any colours or prints that you wish – but remember that you have to remain professional! A graphic tee can be a fantastic choice in terms of comfort, but if you have to jump on a call at the last moment, how out of place will you look?

Don’t Forget Your Shoes

You might be tempted to forgo shoes. After all, you are working from home! Why would you need to wear shoes? Even on a video call, no one is ever going to see them! However, making sure that you have a good pair of shoes can actually tie your outfit together and make you feel more put-together overall.

For this reason, many people like to look into high-end but casual shoes that they can add to a low-key and comfortable outfit. Gucci’s sandals are a popular choice amongst many, and there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. Having a pair of Gucci slides to hand means that you will be able to nip out with the dog at lunch, or answer the door easily instead of having to run around searching for a pair of shoes. Try having a casual pair of shoes to hand, and see what sort of difference it makes on your working day – you might be surprised!

Dress in Layers

One of the best moves that you can make is choosing to dress in layers. There are lots of options out there that can help you get the perfect outfit, and layers can help you to scale things up or down as you need. If you are feeling a little cold, you can throw on a loose jumper or an extra pair of socks. If you are a little too warm, you can strip down and still maintain a comfortable and professional appearance.

Try to buy pieces in neutral colours so you can use them across many different outfits. This can help you to build up a capsule wardrobe of work-from-home wear that you will be able to use in a variety of circumstances. It might even be suitable to wear in other circumstances too. For example, if you travel a lot for business, you might decide to wear one of these outfits to the airport as they could be good to travel in and will still give you a smart appearance.

Start Developing Your Wardrobe Today

There are many pieces that you can choose to help you create a stylish work-from-home wardrobe out there, you just need to start tracking them down! Take the time to work out what your ideal clothes might be – a pair of Gucci sandals, leggings, and a soft draped cardigan could be a fantastic look that will impress any number of clients or colleagues you might speak to. Put in the effort to create a beautiful work-from-home wardrobe and see what sort of an effect it has on your new working life!

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