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Believe me, Toronto artists offer only what they pay for the best penes. A good pen can make your job easier and faster. If you go to the store and look at different paint pen, you can choose the best pen when the wires are open. The density of the pen should be high and you should not lose too much fiber when you touch the pen with your hand, otherwise, the pen will not form well and the fibers will disappear and will not work properly. ۔ Finally. Good rubber penes like two rubber penes should cost -15 12-15 and more.

The most commonly used paint pen is a two-inch pen. I’m not a big fan of slow and wrong sponge penes, I use them only in very special cases, and I don’t remember when I used them.

Natural penes are used for oil paint. Here again, more expensive, cleaner. I usually use bull hair on the top edge of the pen. Pig hair penes are definitely very wrong and do not leave any subtle colors but are a quarter of the price. But if you want to work well with oily paint, choose a pig paint pen, which is perfect for pening and keeps the color very smooth.

Clean up your mess.

Both penes need to be thoroughly cleaned by hand until the milk color is removed from the pen. Cleaning usually involves several cleanings in clean water or liquid. Usually remove the paint by working from top to bottom of the pen as most of the paint sticks to the bottom of the pen, and you have to clean it as it dries the pen. Effectiveness when using the pen. Then after making sure that the pen is clean, it means that the milk will not come out, then I use a clean cloth and wipe the cyst on the edge of the pen.

There is nothing more important to an artist than a good paintpen. There are people who help the artist to show his talents and creativity.

Before choosing it, many factors must be considered, such as the elasticity of the cyst, the ability to adjust the flow of ink, and the ability to make a sharp point. It is important to choose the right type with the unlimited type.

Painting pen – Understanding the Different Types

She needs different penes to paint her picture. Fortunately, the market today is full of countless types of materials. Available in various shapes and sizes. Some of the most common:

Artificial dye pen: It looks like a natural acrylic paint marker pens, but it is cheaper. Its roots are like a natural hair pen and it can hold color well. Made of synthetic fibers, it comes in two colors, white and orange. White recipes are great for mixing and whipping, and orange is great for artificial decoration. Both types are as soft as a hair pen.

Natural Hair Dye pen: Made from the natural hair of goats, cables, buckwheat, cow and pig, it is a little more expensive than ordinary Brussels. Some natural hair penes include pure red hair, Kolensky sable, curly hair and brussels sprouts. Made from Kolensky sable, it is the most expensive but most gently clean. Suitable for use with watercolor paints and fine acrylics. They have long-term tips and beautiful shapes. It can be used for all kinds of paints.

It is long, pointed and very soft. Great for preserving color, can be used with Tempra and watercolor paints.

Pure Red Sable is another notable option, which is just as soft and is considered unique among artist penes. For oils and acrylic paints it is best to choose a slightly stronger and slightly cracked edge. It can hold a large amount of paint.

Different forms of cleaning.

It also comes in different shapes and sizes. Commonly used penes include flat penes, round penes, mop penes, flirt penes, fan penes and more.

Smooth penes, wide and flat shapes, can be used to fill painting areas with wide strokes. Round penes are often used by beginners because they are versatile. You can experiment with different ways of painting with these penes.