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If you are making up your mind to retire abroad, all you need is a lot of information. In addition to information, you need enough guidance on evaluating the information. You have worked for years and now it’s time when the retirement clock strikes. You are more likely to check out the activities to relax and spend the rest of your life peacefully. With many options available, you should consider the part of the world that best suits your requirements. Don’t be surprised if you end up choosing one from our list. Let’s get started!

1 Malta

Located right at the core of the Mediterranean, Malta perfectly blends southern-European sociability with unique qualities ever found. With the highest standards of service and infrastructure, there are plenty of ancient and architectural treasures – don’t forget the Mediterranean! You would love to have local & fresh food and of course the affordable one. Whether you want to have traditional street food or the posh European dinner, the value it offers is simply remarkable. The best part is Maltese has an easygoing lifestyle.

2 Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

If you are thinking about why we have included Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas in our list, here you go! There are unlimited attractions, especially for sports lovers. The city is home to Mavericks of the NBA, Cowboys of the NFL, and Texas Rangers of the MLB. From Six Flags over Texas to Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park, there is a lot to explore. If you find the cowboy life interesting, you will be more than happy here since there are numerous opportunities to participate in country-style two-step dance events.

3 Columbia

Columbia sits in where the Pacific and the Caribbean run into the Amazon rainforest and Andes Mountains. It’s a beautiful country with dramatic and diverse landscapes. You will find colonial towns and booming cosmopolitan cities to enjoy the natural beauty. It has something for everyone! Columbia is a developed country with modern infrastructure and products & services – anything you can expect. One of the best things about the country is its unmatched warmth and welcoming people. You will always feel a valued part of the community.

4 Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Everyone loves food and festivals. Isn’t it? Winston-Salem associates its welcoming southern roots with an extensive range of diversity. You will find a great blend of many international citizens. When it comes to food there are never-ending options to choose from whether you are fond of Indian curries or lip-smacking BBQ. If you like performing arts, don’t forget to join a community performance at the University of North Carolina. Why not discover your acting skills! Further, there are many other places to visit such as Black Mountain Chocolate Factory, Old Salem Museums, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, and much more.

5 Penang, Malaysia

When we talk about retire to vacation cities, Penang located in Malaysia is another popular choice. Here we would love to mention the government initiative known as “Malaysia My Second Home” (MM2H). This incredible initiative worth appreciation. According to this, foreigners can easily apply for a 10-year visa. As soon as you arrive, you would be happy to explore the tempting culinary offerings, dramatic art scenes, ancient architecture, international-standard healthcare facilities, and not least English-speaking community. On top of this, Penang itself is an island with lots of beaches. Getting around and in and out is super-convenient. You may want to further discover Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Finally, don’t forget to visit the renowned island destination of Langkawi. You will easily find cheap flights to make your trip economical and much fun.

Turkey has played an important role in the history of the Mediterranean region. As it straddled two continents, it played a crucial role in the east-west trade routes because of its strategic location. You can check on this link for your turkey tour

6 Mexico

Here we go with another top pick – the dream place of many! Mexico has always been a common retirement place especially for people in the North American neighbors. It has been more than 60 years when a massive number of people move to Mexico after retirement. It is no surprise that millions of Americans and Canadians call it the home country either living throughout the year or part of the year. This makes Mexico one of the most expat destinations across the world. If you are looking for a change, starting a living in Mexico is simpler and easier. You would appreciate the huge expat community welcoming the new people. Besides, there are several activities, events, clubs, and much more to participate in and enjoy. You are more likely to make friends in no time. For its closeness and trade, it has a cultural and social bond with the United States.

7 Port St. Lucie, Florida

This Sunshine State makes another popular destination for retirees. Port St. Lucie is located on the Atlantic shoreline of southern Florida. The weather is pleasant and you can wear your favorite flip-flops throughout the year. If you are fond of playing golf, this place is just a haven. You will find golf cart parking even at the grocery stores. Isn’t it exciting? On the other hand, if you are not pro at golf, there is still a lot to explore. You will have many opportunities to play at your level at the PGA Golf Club. For people who love exploring nature, they must check out the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens and great water adventures – WOOH! From boating and fishing to beach bumming, think of anything and you will find it here.

Wrapping Up

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling to explore new places has become relatively challenging. Choosing the right spot means you are making a decision in the long run. You have spent a major part of your life working day and night. The time of retirement is both overwhelming and emotional. In this phase of life, you are more likely to look for activities to keep yourself engaged and relaxed. If you have read this, you may want to choose something from our list. Weigh down the important factors that are best-suited to your preferences and make an informed decision. Have Fun!

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