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A refrigerator is one of the most important and used appliances in a household. It is almost impossible to imagine a modern-day house without a refrigerator. As it is used the most on a daily basis, the chance of it getting broken down with problems is quite common. From problems that can be easily fixed to problems that result in changing the refrigerator, the range is wide. Those readily take a heavy toll on the pockets too. Here are a few tips for avoiding common refrigerator problems and thus having a refrigerator that lasts long.

Regularly Check the Condensers

The majority of refrigerator problems arise from the condensers. Thus, make sure to clean them on a regular basis. The dirt gets accumulated mostly on the coils so pay great attention to them while cleaning. Try to clean them at least two times a week, and you can use a vacuum, soap, and brush to clean the coils. This will result in the heat getting released at a slower and comfortable rate and thus, avoid the problems faced by your fridge.

Clean the Vents

Vents play an important role in the functioning of refrigerators. Thus, it is equally important to clean them as condensers as well. Vents basically provide smooth circulation of airflow in and out of the system, and thus are necessary for maintaining the temperature. If not cleared, they will get blocked and result in heating of the refrigerator and end up creating lots of problems. Thus, check the vents from time to time and clean them regularly.

Check the Temperature

Keep a regular check on the temperature of your fridge. The optimum temperature for a fridge is between 3 degrees Celsius to 5.56 degrees Celsius, and for the freezer, it’s between -17.78 degrees Celsius and -12.22 degrees Celsius. Make sure to check regularly, and this will not help in the early detection of problems but also saves up a whole lot of energy and electricity.

Condenser Fans

Not only the condenser, but the condenser fan also is a vital part of the refrigerating system. Take a small piece of cloth and clean those blades. Get rid of all the dust particles, soot, papers, and other dirt stuck to them.

The Door Gasket

Last but not the least, pay attention to the door gasket. Sometimes, the door gasket is not paid proper attention and then the whole door has to be replaced, or in an even worse situation, the entire refrigerator. Thus, keep the door gasket absolutely clean and functional by checking it from time to time.


These are some of the tips you can follow to save your fridge from early breakdown. If buying a refrigerator cuts a fortune, you can always rent it as a fridge for rent in Hyderabad, AC on rent in Hyderabad, and other appliances are available on rent. Just make sure to remember, electrical appliances require regular servicing and cleaning for their long-lasting and smooth running. Pay regular attention to them, and you’ll even get your old appliances providing service like new ones.

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