The coronavirus epidemic and global shutdown have drastically changed the game industry. Many tournaments were cancelled or moved online and in some games such as Dota 2 even faced the cancellation of their international championships. During this time, the gaming landscape has been constantly changing, for example, Overwatch exploded in popularity after the transition of OWL from Twitch to YouTube but with constant delays on Overwatch 2, the fan base is tapering off. 

Overwatch League Overwatch League 

The Overwatch League is smaller in the Major League Gaming conglomerate. The league functions differently from the professional esports leagues. It uses permanent teams from existing local communities who participate in regular-season playoffs and championship formats. It is similar to the Eleague format even though it remains an unusual feature for esports across the world. The League also uses conferences and divisions to divide and subdivide teams, sometimes specific to North American sports leagues, and is unique to the North American landscape of professional sports leagues. The league stands out because of its high payouts and fan engagement numbers and its unique participation. 

Dota 2 – The International 

The international paid over 160 million for a tournament in the 2018-19 season – which includes 10 tournaments. The main event itself was paid more than $34m with the winning team winning $15m. The International is supported through its battle pass system. This allows players to directly generate revenue to play the game. Another quarter of the earnings went to prize money which makes the compensations gigantic. As with all other esport leagues the International culminates in a Live Event setting as do many other leagues culminates with a Live Tournament at the game’s Live Event a. The prize pool increases every day the prize pool continues to increase. 

PUBG Global Championship 

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is an online multiplayer game where players battle in battle royale format. The PUBG Mobile World League 2020 East tournament was the second most-watched event in 2019 and saw over 1 million viewers at its peak. The game was one of the early games using live events to showcase competitions collecting and matching donations in 2017 for a $200k plus prize pool. The world’s leading esports competition has received more than $4 million of prizes through all six PPUG tournament rounds. A special focus is garnered by the mobile format, particularly in the Asia and Southeast Asia regions. 

League of Legends 

League of Legends is now the second most streamed game on twitch. After receiving $9M of funding last year, League’s only loss this year was $8M. The amount of reward is usually thrown aside by the ‘prestige of the competition. The highly prized Summoners Cup Trophy is at the helm of the tournament while its recipients rake in quietly about $100000 every night for every drop in the confetti. 


These are some best esports games you can play. League of Legends betting seems to be the eSport that has had the most sustained growth, and it seems like it is here to stay. Being the crown jewel of Riot Games which is heavily focused on creating competitive eSports games with their launch of Valorant backing this up.