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Fixed deposits are known as term deposits in the term of the bank. It is a safe investment option that helps to maintain the right balance in a single financial portfolio. The FD calculator is a tool that helps to find the right balance in terms of your investment amount in FD.

Keep reading the article to know what is an FD calculator, how the FD calculator benefits you, and the factors that affect Fixed deposit interest rates. 

What is an FD calculator?

A fixed deposit calculator is an online tool designed to estimate the maturity amount expected by the investor at the end of tenure for a certain deposit amount at the applicable interest rate. 

FD calculator is an online tool that helps to calculate how much interest you earn on your fixed deposit. It uses the FD interest rate, deposit amount, and fixed deposit tenure to calculate the maturity amount. The maturity amount is twhat you get at the end of FD tenure. It includes the total interest that is earned on the deposit amount. 

Factors that affect the FD interest rates:

Financial institutions and banks offer their customers fixed deposits as an investment option. You should consider some things while deciding the fixed deposit interest rates

1. Period of deposit or tenure:

The period of deposit or tenure is the time period for whichwhen yourthe deposited amount stays in thea fixed deposit. This period differs from bank to bank and normallygenerally ranges from 57 to 10 years. Different terms results in different fixed deposit interest rates. 

2. Applicant age:

A fixed deposit offers preferential interest rates to senior citizens i.e.between 0.25% to 0.75 % higher thanowards the regular interest rate for customers. 

For mostsome banks, the age limit is 60 years or more, whereas some banks comprisealso consider the investors withwho are 55 years and more than 55 years in theabove as senior citizen category. 

3. Current economic conditions: 

Banks give fixed deposits on correcting the interest rates according to changes prevailing in the economy, which considers factors such assts of the change in rRepo rate by RBI and inflation.

 However, it is safe to say that prevailing economic conditions can affect the interest rates for fixed deposits. 

Benefits of FD calculator :

There are some prime merits to using an FD calculator. Let us discuss the benefits given below. 

  • As we tell you, tThe FD calculator is an automatic calculator, meaning there is no scope for mistakes to occur.
  • It will zero the cumbersome calculations at multiple amounts, tenure, and rates. In this way, this tool helps you to save time and effort. 
  • The other best thingAnother benefit is that it is free to use thise tool. There are no additional charges or fees associated with using the FD calculator. 


This article discusses FD calculators and factors that affect FD interest rates. It is concluded that the FD calculator is an online tool that calculates how much you should invest in Fixed deposits at the given interestmaturity rate. 

This tool uses inputs such as FD tenure, deposit amount, and prevailing fixed deposit rates for said tenure. 

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