Thu. May 30th, 2024

Rhinoplasty is more commonly referred to by the general public as a nose job. Under that name it is one of the most well-known cosmetic procedures. Thanks to its popularity in celebrity circles and its often-dramatic effect on appearance, altering the shape and size of a nose can be a transformative solution for patients who may not be happy with their facial features.  

As the centre point of the face, and arguably one of its most defining aspects, a balanced nose can be a reason to be thankful for good genetics or, conversely, a wonky nose may be a reason for unhappiness. 

Reasons for undertaking rhinoplasty 

There are countless different reasons why an individual can be unhappy with their nose. Most commonly, the nose might seem too large for the face and too dominant from an aesthetic point of view.  Genetics and hereditary features can play a huge part in how a nose develops and, for the most part, we tend to inherit similar features to that of our family. A wide or larger nose may in the long-term be something that an individual may want to reshape to help balance out the features of the face. 

Similarly, bumps or other physical aspects of the nose may distract from the face. Bumps can again be hereditary but often are the result of injuries or sporting mishaps that can leave a nose misshapen when broken.  Such injuries can cause longer-term damage or permanent changes to the nose that may require rhinoplasty to repair. In this case, rhinoplasty can be used to return a nose to its former shape rather than create a new look altogether.  

Whilst there are several physical features of the nose that individuals may wish to change for self-confidence reasons, there are also several medical issues rhinoplasty can ultimately solve.  It isn’t solely a procedure to solve aesthetic issues.  While fixing a deviated septum briefly became a cliched reason to cover for a nose job in Hollywood, addressing sleep apnoea and a deviated septum are two genuine medical reasons which can require physical alterations to the shape and style of the nose. 

Positive outcomes 

A good course of action with rhinoplasty surgery is to work in tandem with the patient to create an outcome that meets the expectations of the patient. Finding a shape and style of nose that suits the face and blends into the facial features is the work of a skilled surgeon and the reason why rhinoplasty at centre for surgery can be such a key treatment for patients.   

In the case of rhinoplasty, it can be beneficial to use computer programming to try out different nose shapes and styles before undergoing surgery. There are a number of considerations when it comes to making modifications to an existing nose such as face shape, size and placement and all are key factors when it comes to deciding on how to proceed.   

Nose transformation 

Rhinoplasty can be a transformative course of action for those who have long suffered with self-esteem issues arising from dissatisfaction with how they look.  With its prominent position on the face, being unhappy with your nose is not something easy to hide from.  Because of this, Rhinoplasty is a surgery often associated with the most dramatic outcomes when it comes to patient satisfaction.  

It is also one of the surgeries that should be treated with caution. Rhinoplasty at centre for surgery is a core procedure undertaken with the knowledge that given its prominence, it can have long-term consequences to the way a patient looks. Therefore it is important to choose skilled and experience surgeons who can work to deliver an outcome that takes into account patient expectations for a nose that can restore self-confidence.