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The growing aviation industry is expected to contribute to the global thermal screening market growth. The extensive use of thermal screening in defense aircraft in the military and passenger airplanes is expected to propel demand for screening solutions. The surging demand for flights due to rising business travel by people worldwide is further expected to favor the demand for the product.

The automotive industry is also exploring the idea of thermal scanners and cameras in smart cars. The aim is to ensure efficient driving in challenging road conditions such as low visibility. For example, in July 2020, FLIR and VSI Labs conducted tests with four commercially available vehicles in challenging conditions using a thermal camera. These innovations are also expected to garner demand of the product.

Expanding Application of Thermal Cameras in Automotive to Augment Growth

The global thermal screening market size is expected to grow at an accelerated pace in the forthcoming years. This type of screening refers to the technique of analyzing the thermal characteristics of an object using a thermograph. This is used widely in defense, aerospace, commercial, industrial, and healthcare sectors. The extensive use of thermal imaging in military and espionage for identification, location, and targeting objectives is a major driver of the product.

The pandemic experienced a boom in the sales of thermal screening devices. These devices were widely used as primary screening devices in various public spaces. Health experts repeatedly advised using an infrared thermometer to detect fever- a common symptom of COVID-19. There was panic buying thermometer across various distribution channels such as online stores, retail stores, and others.

Product segmentation is divided into thermal scopes, thermal modules, and thermal cameras. The application is in monitoring and inspection, security and surveillance, and measurement & detection. The end-user industry is industrial, commercial, aerospace and defense, automotive, and healthcare. The geography of the product is North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the rest of the world.

What Does the Report Contain?

The global market for thermal screening report contains quantitative and qualitative insights on several aspects of the market. It discusses the various avenues that companies of the market explore, along with the challenges, consumption pattern, production cost, and much more associated with it. The market projections of the report have been based upon data collected from primary and secondary sources. Resources are verified and authenticated before researching them to provide accurate inferences. The market projections in the report are based on market dynamics which vary according to immediate situations and might take some time to showcase in the market.

List of Key Players Profiled in the Market in 2022

FLIR Systems Inc., L3 Technologies, Axis Communications, TAMRON Europe GmbH, LYNRED, DJI GmbH, i3system, Inc, Zhejiang Dali Technology Co. Ltd., ATD Electronique, Convex Co Ltd, Tracer Technology Co Ltd, ULIS,

Flourishing Aviation Industry in North America to Spur Demand

North America is anticipated to hold the largest thermal screening market share in the forthcoming years. This is due to the flourishing aviation industry in the region. Furthermore, prominent companies such as Raytheon Technologies Corporation have their base in the region which makes the technology easily available to the consumers in the region.

Asia Pacific is estimated to showcase substantial growth backed by the expansion of the aerospace and defense sector. The rising tension over border issues between neighboring countries in Asia-Pacific is further expected to propel the adoption of this technology during the foreseeable future.

Eminent Companies Invest in R&D to Brighten Their Market Prospects

The competitive landscape of the industry has several prominent players. This is a research extensive industry and requires high investment to get lucrative returns in the market. The R&D in the industry is rapidly expanding the application of the product in various sectors such as automobiles which are expected to give high returns on investment. The number of industries using this technology is expected to grow and make space for even the new entrants of the market.

Latest Industry Development

  • July 2020 – Infrared cameras Inc. and NEC Corp. America signed a 37.5 million US dollar contract with the state department of transportation. The contract aims to install technology for thermal screening of arriving passengers, along with facial recognition at Hawaii’s public airport.