Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

I’m logging out of Instagram/Facebook from November 10-13 as a feature of a client strike to consider Facebook responsible for the damages it is causing our general public and all throughout the planet. From Covid-19 disinformation to prompting viciousness against minimized networks to overlooking the emotional well-being effect of Instagram on teenagers, nothing more will be tolerated. We represent the deciding moment Facebook and its foundation since they bring in cash from our commitment and our information. How about we utilize our power. Go along with me. #TheLogout #theFBlogout

Appears to be a smart thought. Simple for me since I post on FB infrequently, however there are a couple of networks I kind of stay aware of. (“Kind of” in light of the fact that between FB’s calculations and downright data transfer capacity – I’d say “firehose” however it’s more similar to a sewer – it’s basically impossible that I could peruse everything regardless of whether I needed to.)

My really friendly medium is here.

NaBloPoMo details:

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3 days without any posts

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