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Financial markets are usually highly speculative, which is why many investors presume what could happen in the market without knowing if this can happen or not, visit at

When investing, you should know that your emotions and psychology in financial operations are essential when executing a purchase or sale of crypto assets.

We are facing a scenario that could not be considered encouraging because more and more companies are declaring bankruptcy or putting their users’ operations on hold, where a change in trend would be ideal.

Everyone would like to know the maximum value Bitcoin could reach during this downward phase. Still, more measures arise that directly influence the price of this recognized crypto active and leave it unable to evolve.

FOMO and crypto investors

Cryptocurrencies may represent something unknown to many people; today, they have become legal tender in countries like El Salvador.

Traders have risen to consider this type of activity a profession that arises from an economic environment increasingly entrenched in technology.

To operate with these cryptocurrencies, it is essential to know the risks to which you are exposed and the emotions that can be generated from a highly volatile market; it is not easy at all.

The fear of losing everything, known as FOMO, is one of the qualifiers that can, in a certain way, describe what it feels like to invest and that movements are generated that can lead to the total loss of its users.

Uncertainty and anxiety are some of the emotions that undoubtedly play with investors’ minds in the stages of downtrends when these feelings arise in a more significant proportion.

This syndrome is directly related to the fall of cryptocurrencies because many decided to sell their digital assets due to the exact behavior of the digital financial market, where everything could be lost at any time. In this circumstance, decisions were made without anticipating changes. However, that could be generated in the future.

Bitcoin downtrend

The price change of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies happened amid a not encouraging panorama, economic measures in the face of imminent inflation that increased over the months.

On the other hand, a war that affected the finances and economy of two countries has caused a global impact in more significant proportion to the world powers in Europe and the United States.

The greatest desire of investors is to know what will be the lowest level these digital financial instruments can reach. Still, it cannot be predicted precisely, and if someone assumes that they know it 100%, they are simply trying to scam.

The markets are volatile by nature and that of cryptocurrencies to a greater extent, which is why movements are unpredictable. However, external measures radically affected their performance, where it was assumed that they were indifferent to inflation.

Experts usually carry out market analyses considering the previous cycles that Bitcoin has experienced. They have outlined the possible scenarios into which the digital currency could be venturing.

Bitcoin is expected to drop to $18,000 even less, waiting for a recovery phase, which could take a while to occur and then begin to generate an upward trend that will benefit all those who invested downward.

According to these analysts, the distribution phase could be close to 2024, but, as has been said before, the markets are highly speculative and variable.

Buy, sell or hold crypto assets.

When deciding to enter the digital financial market, all the aspects involved must be known, as well as defining and choosing the exact moment to buy, sell or maintain digital currency units.

Given the downward trend that has begun to develop throughout 2022, establishing a definitive crypto winter, investors often make desperate decisions, and some prefer short-term investments where the risks do not extend over time.

The high sales that have occurred in recent months have also contributed to the destabilization of the market since there is no balance between supply and demand, there is a surplus of supply, and there, its value tends to fall.

From a buying perspective, it could be the long-term investors taking advantage of the downtrend and making big profits.


The moment to invest is the investor’s decision; therefore, although the market generates uncertainty, it will always be an opportunity in the future for anyone who wishes to venture into the financial need of cryptocurrencies; if so, you can obtain information in Bitcoin-Prime trading system.

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