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According to information issued by various newspapers of daily circulation in the United States, they are facing trade with Immediate Edge platform an extreme heat wave which will affect some states in a more significant proportion than others, which makes electricity generation companies alert citizens since it could be affected the service.

One of the states with the highest electricity consumption due to activities inherent to cryptocurrencies is Texas. That is why they have begun to create a campaign where the Bitcoin Mining industries must adhere to reducing energy consumption even by turning off their equipment.

The energy load does not give more

Cryptocurrencies are in a somewhat limiting situation; now is the time for Bitcoin mining in Texas, one of the North American states with the most significant number of companies dedicated to this field.

It turns out that summer has begun, and to this is an extreme heat wave that, together with mechanical failures in the electrical supply company ERCOT, have given the population indications of a decrease in energy consumption since they could run out of supply.

A scenario unfavorable for Bitcoin will harm its development and trajectory if its valuation continues to decrease and units are not issued.

Apparent reasons that must take action because this equipment even requires cooling equipment that consumes energy. What is most logical for the community is to suspend operations before a solution from the electricity distribution company.

It is not the first time this has happened; in the winter of 2021, they had to cut off electricity in almost the entire state due to such low temperatures, which is a sure way worrying the miners who have been experiencing failures since this failure constants.

Profitability in mining operations is also affected since the costs for electricity consumption have increased. At the same time, the value of Bitcoin decreases along with the funds or mining shares, which are 70% less than last year.

Texas leads the mining processes.

We find Riot Blockchain Inc., Argo Blockchain Plc, and Core scientific inc among some companies with a long history established in Texas carrying out Bitcoin Mining operations.

This great boom brought about by China’s decision regarding cryptocurrencies and everything related to them gave way to new frontiers for miners since there was no future in China.

Texas is one of the states with the most outstanding qualities due to the oil exploitation generated there and the carbon that these companies dedicated to Bitcoin mining can take advantage of without neglecting the low cost of electricity service and the regulations that support the cryptocurrencies in the area.

Many aspects favor digital currencies in Texas, which is why more and more miners emigrate to this state in search of more opportunities and benefits in the crypto ecosystem.

The strategic location of Texas for crypto operations has caused such an attraction that the Argo Blockchain company has known its intentions to create facilities to carry out Mining on a larger scale.

Decrease in electricity consumption = Mining decreased.

Temperatures in Texas have reached over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, leading many miners to pause their mining operations as they could lose power.

The companies dedicated to Mining entered a state of alarm after considering that this situation could not be improved. Therefore, new proposals must arise to generate electricity that stabilizes the distribution and reduces the overload of the already established plants.

It is not easy to carry out this. Still, we face a society where technological advances are on the table daily. Therefore, the interested parties decided to seek a definitive solution to the problem since now it is the heat wave. Still, when When winter comes, the electricity will also begin to fail.


Bitcoin mining has given many benefits not only in the United States but worldwide; many people have found this activity a source of income that allows them to pay their bills and leave additional money in their accounts.

That is why even in complex situations such as the decrease in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it affects the investments of many, but it can also complicate the bonuses that are granted to miners, and this data can be found in Bitcoin-Prime trading system

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