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In this article, we propose to understand what it is – a GTIN barcode. It is necessary to distinguish between goods, products, and other products that are on the market. All people know that a bar code is a rectangle that has vertical black stripes and numbers below it.

But the fact that for each type of product, this data set changes, not everyone knows. And even fewer citizens know how to correctly decipher this information. Encrypted information does not speak of consumer qualities, composition, or color. Rather, it is a unique number that is intended for other purposes.

What Does GTIN Mean?

To improve clarity in product identification as well as simplify exports, Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) was presented by GS1. This GS1 is a not-for-profit, neutral, global association that originates and supports the most widely-utilized supply chain system in the globe to create digital data for all services and products.

This helps to maintain transparency as well as a smooth trading procedure. With growing trade, GTIN is the global term for businesses.

This is a concept that reflects the unique identification of a wide variety of trade items. Any detail that stands out among others with something – color, shape, name, or other characteristics must have its unique code.

Globally, these are internationally approved numbers that are printed on the product. They are then used in catalogs and information systems, used to define units around the world. They are applied to a pack, a box in the form of a barcode in any of the symbols that the manufacturer likes, which are standard.

The number can be 8, 12, 13, or 14 long, but the structure will always be at level 14. Just empty spaces will be closed with zeros. Therefore, standard software can only read 14 digits.

GTIN Exemption Amazon: How to Get a GTIN Number? | SageSeller

GTIN itself has no elements of classification. This is a digital code that does not mean anything, under the concept of which all existing types of numbering fall – ITF-14, EAN-13, and EAN-8.

Each product from the distribution network is assigned its number. It is no longer repeated for other products, it cannot be identical for two different positions. Their status is international – this is done so that the product can be unambiguously identified even in other countries.

Another encoding is called global – because of the decryption. The word is really good because these numbers are the same for the whole world.

Types of GTIN Operated

There are many GS1 codes hidden under GTIN. So, here are a few of the most commonly utilized types of GTIN:

  • EAN (European Article Number): It’s a product code utilized in Europe as well as European marketplaces.
  • UPC (Universal Product Code): This’s a common product ID that allows you to sell your products.
  • JAN (Japanese Article Marketplace): It’s a product identity utilized for goods in Japan.
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number): This’s a product ID utilized particularly for books.

A Few Key Features of GTIN Products:

  • Special designations – company prefix, control number;
  • Valid in all states;
  • Easy to integrate into any system and electronic catalog;
  • Can be automatically read by suitable scanners;
  • Is determined as accurately as possible if it is applied in black ink on white matte paper.

The GTIN concept is used exclusively for labeling; it is used to maintain logistic records.

A commodity unit can be called any item that will participate in trade. The main thing is that it must have the features that a product that is involved in transactions between different companies needs.

The product can be ordered, evaluated, or sold in any part of the chain. This applies not only to single and piece products but also to whole boxes, pallets, and products in other shipping containers.

With the help of the definition and timely application of designations, the sales process using the cash register or online stores is greatly simplified and partially automated. Recalculation, new orders, returns, and sales analysis become more streamlined.

You can use the program and see how one particular species from the matrix was sold at any time. It becomes realistic to study the changes and adjust the next delivery – to order more or fewer products to meet the expectations of customers, but at the same time not allow the warehouse to be overloaded.

How To Get A Product Identification Number For Amazon Product

Go to the General Services Administration (GS1) website and purchase a GTIN, like an EAN or UPC, for your Amazon product. If you’re not sure how the many Amazon barcodes differ from one another or which barcodes you should purchase, we’ve produced a piece that explains them all.

Create a new Product listing on Amazon ASIN for the item as soon as you have your EAN or UPC, and then enter the GTIN into the Product ID form under the Vital Info page. You just applied a GTIN to the Amazon product when you save that new listing!

Remember that having a GTIN will allow you to build an Amazon product listing quickly whereas applying for the GTIN exemption can take one or two days if you are a private label FBA seller who is debating whether to purchase a GTIN or apply for a GTIN exemption.

Method To Request GTIN Exemption

Even though GTIN is advised for online and export sales, you can ask Amazon for an exemption if your products lack a GTIN. Know how to apply for GTIN exemption. Keep these product data ready before you get started:

  • Product titles
  • Images of the product taken from every angle
  • Brand names should be given correctly
  • Images must be real
  • Packaging should be kept on a table or held in hand while clicking the photo.

In case the products you’re selling aren’t branded, then select “generic” in the field of brand name.

Click on the “Request Approval” button to submit your application.

The application gets reviewed within just 48 hours.

As soon as your application for GTIN exemption gets approved, your validity of exemption is endless.


As you now know how to get GTIN number for Amazon, remember one thing, GS1 is allowed to allocate GTINS, so do not get UPCs from somewhere other than GS1 only. Amazon has been well-known to validate a product GTIN to ensure they’re from GS1.

By Syler