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Telephony for an Online Store or a Big CompanyTelephony for an Online Store or a Big Company

Do you want to expand your business opportunities, improve the quality of customer service, and increase your income? A PBX and a virtual number from Freezvon Company are perfect solutions for the store and other client-oriented businesses. A fast and affordable telephony option allows you to optimize the store and improve the process of interaction with customers via some features.

  • Quick launch. Select the necessary options on the Freezvon website and connection number, make a payment and start using telephony. The service is configured by the company’s employees remotely.
  • Work without restrictions. Virtual numbers that are not tied to the territorial location are decent solutions to work from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can easily order a Singapore virtual number (or any other) while being in any European country.
  • Call forwarding. The voice menu allows you to automatically distribute calls according to the nature of the request (by transferring the call to the required department).
  • Fast acceptance of orders. Additional telephony settings make it possible to forward a call to a third-party phone number and even select a specific call-processing scenario.
  • Mass informing. Such a feature is a chance to avoid time-consuming calls to customers. Now you can quickly and massively notify them about the status of an order, promotions, or company news.
  • Maintaining statistics and monitoring the work of the operator. Telephony is not only a convenient solution for an online store but also the best way to monitor individual employees. Counting the number of calls and the duration of telephone conversations allows you to evaluate the efficiency of the operator.
  • Increasing the number of clients. The ability to connect an 800 number allows you to improve your customer base. Users from any region of the country can call the company for free.
  • Request a callback. Even an inexperienced client can easily order a callback from the company, quickly get answers to their questions, or place an order via the widget.

By the way, it’s possible to use mobile numbers in a virtual PBX.

Benefits of virtual PBX

  • Business processes automation and integration with other systems.
  • It’s easy to get city telephone numbers and toll-free numbers like 800.
  • You can get full statistics on calls.
  • There’s an answering machine mode. It makes it possible to accept applications from customers around the clock and not miss anything.
  • Such a solution is cheaper and easier than analog PBX.
  • You don’t need any hardware or even a phone, just a working computer and headphones with a headset.
  • There’s a list of internal numbers. This is about a single corporate network where each employee can easily find the number he/she needs and not waste time searching.
  • It is convenient when the system is combined with servers that allow you to control the sales department, for example, a CRM system. The main thing is to find out the availability of the API, which will help with the integration.
  • It’s easy to make calls from any PC and phone by logging into your account.
  • Quick self-configuration in a clear interface.
  • It’s beneficial for the company’s image.

Features of connecting and configuring a virtual PBX

First of all, you need to choose an IP provider (it’s recommended to pay attention to the Freezvon Company) and rent a server to arrange a virtual PBX in your organization. Then you should choose a virtual number and pay subscription fees. The connection is very quick and may take a few hours, Freezvon employees usually tell the information about the time of such a process. Since the technology is cloud-based, there’s no need to pay for installing equipment for full-fledged work. The servers of the provider company are responsible for the functionality of the virtual PBX. 

Is cloud PBX suitable for everyone?

It cannot be said unequivocally that only a cloud-based PBX is a perfect solution for everyone. It depends on a lot of factors, primarily the scale of the enterprise. The scope of activity and the closeness of the enterprise also have a great influence. It is easy to install, implement, and customize. Anyone can use Internet telephony without any long training. The calls can be made remotely from any device. There are many opportunities for integration with other services, the same as optimization and automation of business processes. Choose the Freezvon Company as its partner to experience all the benefits of the PBX from its own experience.

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