Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
TELEAUS | High-speed NBN upgrades will depend on consumer demand: Fletcher

It makes sense to ensure when you are building or buying a new home that is being built, that it is connected to the NBN network. It is the future for Australians for businesses and for home use. You can do more online and do it quicker and more smoothly. There are over 150 internet and phone providers to choose from, a number of respected and trusted NBN cabling contractors and there are different plans and speeds to suit your needs. The NBN network is better able to handle the modern day’s higher demand people place on their phones and internet services and can meet the demands of advanced technology.

Building a new home that is part of the network

It is exciting to buy a home that it is being built or to have a new home built yourself. You have a lot more control over the home and what it looks like. One of the things you need to consider is making sure it has NBN connectivity. If you are still in the early stages of looking for land to build on and develop then ask about whether it will have access to the NBN network. If the developer has not already then a submission should be made to NBN under a new development application. You could also talk to a NBN private technician.

Planning for your current and future connectivity needs means thinking about certain things. How do you plan on using different devices in the home, the TV, the laptop, the tablet, the phone and so on? How many people are in the home and what needs do they have? A gaming console, TV, phone, and so on. Where do you think the NBN connection box is best suited based on the design of the home? Knowing this when you talk to NBN cabling contractors is helpful. Think about both the functionality of the box as well as whether it is aesthetically acceptable. Note what you will need in each room and the data points and equipment you need there. Mark on a plan where the phone and data points are needed, where the box goes and then keep those close so you can talk to the builder and anyone else about them.

The sooner you talk to your builder the better!The earlier you can talk to the builder the better. They can arrange for an installation before you move in and better ensure an easy and smooth transition from your old home to a new home. You might need the help of an NBN private technician if you have any issues. If you are dealing with a rebuild rather than a new home build then you are hopefully looking at a home that was already connected to the network or could have been. You might need to submit a relocation works application to ensure the network is relocated to the best place on your land so it can be reconnected when the old house is knocked down and the new one is built.