Dealing with the lawsuit complexities is a lot to take on your own. Whether minor or major, an accident has the power to turn one’s life upside down. Not to mention all the stresses and troubles that come along with an accident. 

At this time, the only person who can work as a savior by taking the burden off our shoulders is definitely a car accident lawyer in Calgary. From doing all the paperwork to negotiating with the insurance companies, they can play quite a big role.

Wants to sue someone? Continue reading to know about all the important things you must know before suing after a car accident in Canada:

What should I do right after a car accident?

After encountering an accident, there is a list of work you need to do to protect your right to future benefits. 

Let’s learn about them so you know exactly what to do in such scenarios:

  • At the accident scene, exchange the insurance companies’ information and note down all the parties’ names, addresses, and phone numbers. Try to collect information as much as possible and take pictures if needed. 
  • File a police case.
  • Take treatment for your wounds received from the accident as soon as possible to prevent the injuries from intensifying.
  • Talk with your insurance companies to report the accident. With their coverage, you can arrange for your injuries treatment, like physiotherapy or massages. 
  • Hire an experienced lawyer after the accident. The smarter is to hire from the start. The sooner you will hire, the more time they will get for collecting evidence and other essential things to make your case a stronger one.

What things can I claim in a car accident lawsuit?

If you are injured in a car accident due to the fault of another party, then you can sue their insurance companies for all the pains and suffering you received in the accident.

Based on your kind of damage, the compensation will vary. The purpose of taking this compensation amount is to ease your current situation a bit among all the pains.

Have a look at the things that you can claim in a car accident lawsuit: 

  • Housekeeping and valuable services 
  • Lost wages 
  • Medical expenditures 
  • Loss of future earning capacity 
  • Pain and sufferings
  • Future care expenses 
  • Property damages 
  • Necessary in-home care
  • Cognitive therapy costs 
  • Wrongful death 

Can I do anything to make my case stronger in the lawsuit?

Obviously. In fact, there are several vital things that you can do to strengthen your case in the lawsuit.

Let’s check them out:

  • Make a note of every kind of problem that you are facing. Such as your pain is increasing instead of getting cured. You can do this writing either daily or weekly.
  • Keep a copy of all your medical bills and other related expenditures properly. So you can show them to the insurance companies whenever needed. Besides, it will also help you to determine your compensation correctly. 
  • Don’t post any vital information about your accident on social media, even by mistake. Otherwise, the insurance companies will try to use these posts against you to downplay your wounds and damages.
  • Always remain in touch with your doctor and update them about your health condition. And in case of any new symptoms or any other problems, notify them about it right away. 

Never downplay your injuries. Otherwise, instead of doing any good, you will end up harming yourself more.

  • Go for the settlement once your doctor has confirmed that you have completely recovered from all the injuries. It may take around 1 year for your injuries to heal if your wounds are moderate level. 

While it may take almost 2 years if you are severely injured from the accident. Therefore, if you accept any compensation without recovering, then chances are high the severity of your injuries may not be fully covered. 

Should I accept the settlement my insurance company offers me?

Of course not. As they will always try to give less amount than you deserve. And once you accept the offer, there is no turning back, regardless of the severity of your accident. 

Always remember it is the duty of the insurance companies to offer an unfair settlement. So, without talking with your lawyer, don’t make the mistake of agreeing to their settlement. 

Instead, wait for your lawyer and let them negotiate. They will know all the tricks and gaps to beat the insurance companies beat in their own games.

After all, it is your legal right to get the compensation you truly deserve. So why should you settle for any less?

Hence, let your lawyer take care of it. Right from doing the proper calculation to negotiating with the insurance companies, they will know how to handle the situation. So you get your compensation and justice.

How much should I expect for my car accident settlement?

Every accident case is different from one another. Similarly, depending on the accident’s severity, the settlement will also vary. Hence, it is quite difficult to say the exact amount as there is no set formula.

This is where you will need the lawyer’s help the most. As they are experts in this field, so based on your situation, they will calculate all your losses and other things precisely. So you are not deprived of any of your legal rights and compensation.

To Conclude

Meeting a car accident is definitely one of the tragic things that can happen in one’s life. If you are also a victim of an accident and want justice, then don’t think of fighting the battle alone. Instead, take legal help from an experienced lawyer to get a fruitful outcome, along with lessening your stresses.