Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
VideForex Withdrawal

The trading platform VideForex appears to be thoughtful by nature. It shares many of the same qualities as other similar web properties that offer binary options services under other brand names.  It might initially be intimidating, ostensibly due to the website’s contradictory facts.

Because of its popularity, VideForex is a well-known Forex and CFD provider. With the support of its various sibling firms, you can also trade binary options. Vide Forex’s business fundamentals are exceptionally strong, allowing traders to trust the organization for the long term.

Let’s know how to withdraw funds with Vide Forex, withdrawal techniques, fees, and a complete Videforex review.

VideForex Withdrawing Policy: Funds with Vide Forex

Withdrawing funds from Vide Forex is possible via bank wire transfers, e-wallets, and main credit cards. It charges a minimum fee or commission of  $50 for withdrawing money via bank wire transfer.

Furthermore, the withdrawal amount must be $50 at least.  The good news about Videforex withdrawals would be that the broker guarantees that all withdrawal requests will be processed within one hour.

All withdrawals require an individual’s identification for security reasons, regardless of the percentage. Also, to compete withdrawal on an account without a bonus, the vendor needs to achieve 100% turnover on the amount deposited.

Besides, to compete for the deposited money and profits withdrawal on a bonus account, the vendor must achieve a 300% return from the amount deposited.

What are the Commissions & Dissipates?

Trading costs and fees could be quickly accumulated. As a result, selecting a vendor who offers active spreads is crucial. You can apply for a spread with However, for specific devices, the spread is dynamic.

While they are not on the market as the cheapest seller, they are not pricey in any way. This means you avoid merchants with low prices that you wind up paying the price at slow speeds and on a shaky platform. Fees from more expensive vendors will eat into your daily revenue significantly.


Another essential factor to consider while researching vendors is the ease of making withdrawals. 

Where consumer reserves have accumulated as protected reserves in segregated accounts, legislation plays an important role. When a request is made by the vendor and subsequent holder of said trading account, it should be available for withdrawal whenever required. 

When it comes to withdrawals, Videforex offers the following options:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Bitcoin 
  • PerfectMoney

When formulating withdrawals, traders must present proof of identification, regardless of the withdrawn amount from the trading fund.

Withdrawal Fees and Techniques

Videforex’s finance department handles all withdrawal requests. Videforex typically executes withdrawal requests within an hour from when they are submitted.

However, it might take far too long to process if there was a lack of information on the part of the consumers or doubts on the third-party site.

Videforex financial team will deduce the withdrawal method. However, customers cannot request a change in the withdrawal method. All monies must be returned to the original deposit source. However, this may not be possible in cases such as using a MasterCard as the actual deposit quotation.


The financial department of Videforex will try to figure out the best way to process customer withdrawals.

All withdrawals require identification, regardless of the withdrawal amount, if the account was initially funded with a debit or a credit card or is currently financed using a credit card or debit card.

If required, VideForex will request:

  • A copy of the back and front of the credit card being used
  • Authentication information
  • A government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or passport) 
  • 3-months current proof of present residence (such as electricity bill or bank statement).

This condition will not be met if you provide detailed mail such as a mobile phone bill. In addition, if your Vide Forex account was funded with multiple credit or debit cards, the finance department from Vide Forex will need photocopies of all cards used before approving a withdrawal.

Without overcoming those above, if the withdrawal amount exceeds €1,800 or $1,800, cash will not be sent until the customer’s identity, and age is confirmed.

If a bank transfer initially funded your account, you’d need to photocopy the originating account’s bank statement showing the transfer.

Pay attention to the bank statement and the name on it. The name of the Vide Forex account holder should match it.

Additional evidence proving the user’s relationship with the bank account will be required.

Suppose your account is funded with an e-wallet. In that case, you will be required to submit identification, a photo, and proof of address, where the address on the statement delivered matches the address on your Videforex account.


Vendors must use extreme caution, as a fraudulent vendor’s website and contributions may appear legitimate to individuals unaware of the warning signs.

So before starting a business with this vendor and creating a trading account, it is critical to evaluate and confirm its legality and correctness. Otherwise, vendors risk losing significant sums that cannot be redeemed once invested if the broker is dishonest or fraudulent.