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The Sophia Robot Self Portrait, a hand-painted craftsmanship, was sold at a bartering for an incredible $688,000. It is the work of art by the internationally figured humanoid robot, Sophia. The canvas was sold at a bartering last Thursday for a non-fungible token or NFT, making it the new tumult sign in NFT World.

The fine art is named “Sophia Instantiation,” it is the computerized craftsmanship including a 12-sec MP4 video exhibiting the advancement of the craftsman’s representation into her advanced work of art. It even goes with an actual craftsmanship.

Individuals in the United States valued the work of art showed by the humanoid robot.

What is Sophia Robot Self Portrait?

The self-picture by humanoid, Sophia, has been simply the worldwide conversation topic, particularly after the self-representation was sold at a sale at an astounding cost. It is the computerized craftsmanship or painting made by the humanoid, and it is unloaded at a record-breaking cost.

It is interestingly that a painting by a humanoid has an incredible sum. After the fine art was sold, the Sophia Robot acquired worldwide noticeable quality.

Sophia Robot was dispatched back in 2016, and she is viewed as the best innovation, attributable to the highlights it is furnished with, of which most highlights resemble people. She made an advanced fine art with her highlights, Sophia Robot Self Portrait, and an Italian craftsman, Andea Bonacito, upheld her.

What amount is Offered for the Portrait?

As referenced, the humanoid robot Sophia made the advanced fine art with Andea Bonacito, the celebrated Italian craftsman. Individuals in the United States value the advanced artistic creation of the Humanoid.

The sources affirm that the computerized craftsmanship of the humanoid is named Sophia Instantiation.

It was unloaded last Thursday and sold at an astounding cost of $6 88,888. The work of art was unloaded as a non-fungible token.

The humanoid producers were amazed with the reactions of the bidders and the speed of the offering. Nonetheless, the character of the purchaser who bought Sophia Robot Self Portrait is as yet not affirmed.

What Does the Artwork Features?

Sophia Instantiation is made as a team with Italian craftsman and square chain venture accomplice firm Eterna Capital. The fine art begins by creating the brilliant hued representation of the humanoid. The neural organization of the robot measures it.

At long last, the humanoid painted the understanding as MP4 computerized work of art. The canvas of the humanoid is completely founded on the choice Sophia made without the mediation of people.

Aside from the advanced work of art, the humanoid’s actual painting is likewise remembered for a solitary closeout.


Sophia Robot Self Portrait has made a buzz among the majority worldwide after it was sold at a particularly extensive cost. It has made news across the world.

It is accepted that it is the primary painting sold by a humanoid at a particularly greater cost. The humanoid is as of now renowned and recovered citizenship in 2017, and she is a resident of Saudi Arabia until further notice.

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