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Jerk decorations honored the well known Sisi Streamer Among Us, who kicked the bucket on thirteenth March 2021 because of COVID-19. She has been battling with the lethal infection for over a month. She took her keep going inhale on the morning of thirteenth March.

Her child affirmed her passing news via web-based media, and the whole streaming local area has been grieving and honoring the left soul on the web.

The Among Us decoration was from Spain, and she has immense fan adherents on her jerk account. Aside from Among Us, she likewise streamed various games, including Rust and Grand Theft Auto.

Who Was Sisi Streamer Among Us?

Sisi or Sisinono was a 45-year-old Among Us decoration who is getting very well known online after her demise news coursed via web-based media. Sisi decoration is from Spain, and she was a mainstream decoration in the Twitch people group.

Sisi made her record on the Twitch stage on seventeenth July 2019, and she immediately got marked together on the discussion. She was known for streaming the acclaimed social derivation game Among Us, Rust, and Grand Theft auto.

Regardless of being a famous figure in the streaming local area, there is no data on Wikipedia, and consequently we discovered insignificant data about the decoration on the web. The as of late streamed classifications of this decoration on Twitch are Phasmophobia and Visage.

Sisi Streamer Among Us was additionally known for real time talk recordings. In the event that you are keen on studying the decoration, kindly follow her Twitch record and check the Twitch Tracker.

What Caused Her to Death?

As affirmed by her child via web-based media, she kicked the bucket as a result of COVID-19, and she battled till her final gasp until crushed by the infection following one month of testing battle. The decoration was determined to have the lethal infection a month prior.

Her child, Ruben, uncovered the passing information on the decoration by means of a Twitter post. The Twitter post reveals that the Sisi Streamer Among Usfought with the lethal infection for a month energetically, lastly, she lost her life. On thirteenth March 2021, she at last died, giving up her family and adored child.

In the post, her child likewise mentioned the decoration local area and others to try not to make any video identified with her mother’s passing to regard her family. He additionally referenced that he dislike his more youthful sibling to find out about the matter through online recordings.

Who Confirmed the Death News and People’s Reaction?

As referenced, the child of the Sisi Streamer Among Us uncovered that her mother and mainstream Among Us decoration died on thirteenth March 2021, abandoning bunches of sweet recollections. It is affirmed that she kicked the bucket in light of COVID-19.

After the news began circling on the web, the streaming local area and her fans started honoring the left soul. They took via online media and honored the decoration with various images and virtual posts.


Sisinono or Sisi was the famous decoration on Twitch with over 3.6K devotees and 34.5K supporters on the YouTube channel. She was known for streaming various classifications of games and visit recordings.

In any case, in the wake of doing combating with the destructive infection, she lapsed on thirteenth March 2021, abandoning the whole streaming local area.

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