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Many of the time you may face trouble while using these two words. The pronunciation of these is quite similar. You cannot find a lot of differences between these two. Both the words are two different parts of speech. Where ‘effect’ is a noun, ‘affect’ is a verb. Let’s discuss these two with the help of assignment writing help experts.

If M affects you, then you’ll experience the effect of M’s action.

If you are feeling troubled thinking about how to remember this subtle difference, then you can check the example mentioned before and understand the proper use of these two.

  • Use of ‘Affect’

The word ‘affect’ is used as a verb. It means to have an influence on someone or something.

Let’s understand it with some examples.

Example 1: Poverty can ‘affect’ anyone without seeing its race, caste, gender or social background.

Example 2: Mrs. Bronte’s charming behaviour affects her neighbour a lot.

These two examples will help you to understand the correct usage of ‘affect’.

  • Use of ‘Effect’

The word ‘effect’ is used as a noun. It means a change which is a consequence of an action or a cause. Effect is the consequence of someone’s affects.

Here are some examples for you

Example 1: The changes in his had an immediate ‘effect’.

Example 2: His statement had a surprising ‘effect’ on the Professor.

Most of the time ‘effect’ is used as a noun and follows this rule to remember the usage of effect.

There are certain exceptions too which you should know.

  • Effect Vs Affect

Most of the time effect is used as a noun and affect as a verb but there are some exceptions when these two are used as vice-versa. Let’s check out the rule:

  • Effect used as a verb

In some aspects, effect is used as a verb. Then its meaning changes completely. While it is used as a verb it means to bring about and it indicates some change or solutions.

Example: The new principal effected some changes in the admission system.

  • Affect used as a noun

Affect’s noun form indicates emotional feeling. Though it’s used as a verb, you can use it as a noun.

Example: Mr. Roy’s affect was sudden and violent seeing the dacoits robbing his money.

  • Affected as an Adjective

The past and past participle form of affect is ‘affected’ which is used as an adjective that means artificial or pretentious. It is used to describe a person’s negative qualities.

Example: Most of the girls gave an affected look on the poor lady.

  • Common mistakes of using affecting and effecting

There are certain mistakes which students make while using these two words in their writing.

Example: The brain surgery gave an adverse ‘effect’ on his mind.

Here instead of ‘effect’, ‘affect’ would be used.

Due to the surgery he got a trauma in his mind, which is the result of the brain surgery. So, affect is the perfect word for this purpose.

Students feel confused when they try to use effect as a verb in a sentence.

Example: They effected their escape through a rear window.

Here effected is used as a verb.

It creates a great confusion which one to use in a sentence. By reading this blog I hope you’ll get an outline regarding this.

  • How to remember the difference between ‘Affect’ and ‘Effect’?

Affect starts with ‘A’ and it indicates action i.e. verb. On the other hand effect is used as a noun. So spell the words correctly and it’ll be easier for you to understand.

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