Sat. May 18th, 2024

Google Adwords and Yahoo Sponsored Search have both set up systems they say anyone can manage. They have automated wizards to set it up and even offer to set the prices you bid on each keyword for you. But do they have your best interest at heart?

Home Depot will tell you that you can build your own house even if you have no skills in order to sell you more building materials. It’s the same with these search companies They want you to spend more on advertising, so having them help you decide how much to spend is not the best way to set up your bids for the keywords you want. Unless you are experienced in managing PPC ad campaigns, Internet Marketing, SEO, and Sales, you may not want to do this yourself. You can lose a lot of money on PPC if you do not know what you are doing.

Step 1 – Preparation: At SEO Service Provider, we do more than just set up your ad campaign. We also look at your landing pages to make sure that you are ready to close sales when the traffic gets there. No amount of traffic driven to a poorly written sales page will help you make sales. So we first analyze where you plan to send the traffic to before we spend a penny on PPC. If we need to rewrite your sales text to maximize your conversion rate.

Step 2 – Choosing the number of PPC campaigns to set up: Many times it is better to set up multiple PPC campaigns within Google Adwords or Yahoo Sponsored Search. Each PPC campaign targets a specific set of keywords and is targeted to a specific landing page or sales page. This way the ads we create are also targeted toward that set of keywords and we get a better click-thru rate as a result. Sometimes smaller budgets do not allow for multiple campaigns, so we only create one. A lot depends on your monthly PPC budget.

Step 3 – Keyword Research: Again, your PPC ad budget affects the keywords and phrases we will choose to target. If you have a very small budget, we need to find keywords to bid on that are less competitive. If you have a larger budget, then we can target keywords that will get you more traffic. But it is the conversion rate that matters most. Can we target this keyword, spend this amount of money per click, and still make a profit on the sales we make?

Step 4 – Managing your PPC ad campaign and Tracking Conversions: Once your PPC ad campaign is set up, it requires constant monitoring to see what the click-thru rate is for your ads, what the conversion rate is for each keyword crazyvegas casino, making changes and adjustments as necessary throughout the month.

These are only a few of the things involved in setting up and managing your PPC ad campaign. We charge $300 to set up your PPC Ad Campaign for you and a percentage of your monthly budget to manage it for you. You can choose to just have us set it up and manage it yourself or you can have us do both.

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