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Review of Sour Strings eJuice (Sweet Collection)

Your favorite rainbow sour strings blended with sweet and delicious watermelon. When people looked into it further, they discovered a peculiarity: other online stores showed flavors that were entirely unlike those on the official website. Some said it had a gummy bear-like flavor. Others removed watermelon while including a variety of fruits. One more even noted that the liquid was just cherry! As a result of all the bizarre rumors floating about Sour candy Strings e-juice, people decided to look into them on their own. They discovered that doing this caused my initial distaste to change into appreciation.

Presentation and packaging

The Sour Strings eJuice comes in a typical Chubby Gorilla bottle with a foil label that features a rainbow gradient and white writing. The name of the juice, the quantity of nicotine, the volume in ml and oz, and a picture of a Watermelon(? ), Candy Strings, and a Lemon are all visible on the front of the label. The standard warning concerning nicotine is included on the bottom of the bottle.

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A Prop 65 warning, a contents list, manufacturer information, and a UPC are on each side of the bottle’s face. On the bottom of the bottle, there is just an expiration/best-by date; no birth or bottling date is stated. The VG/PG ratio was noticeably missing from the label. Neither the official Vape 100 website nor the retail one had this information. People learned that it was a 70/30 mix after doing some research on Google, but the fact that they had to look for this obvious information is, in their opinion, a negative for the brand.

Flavor and Tasting

When the Sour Strings eJuice bottle is broken open, and a long breath is taken, a fresh watermelon aroma is enticing and ultimately perplexing. A forceful hit of peppery nicotine is followed by a squirt of watermelon mixed with other fruits as you pull a lovely tiny pearl from your finger. The confusion worsens when you take a big breath and inject it into your atomizer. Oh, is it a melon? Possibly sugary bears? A little of both? It immediately strikes you hard. Your tongue will shiver from the juice’s acidity, leaving you wondering what the beverage’s flavor is supposed to be. This juice tastes strikingly similar to your favorite gummy candy. It would be pretty sweet if not for the significant amount of sour/tang serving as a counterbalance. It is as sweet as you would expect from an expensive e-juice with a candy taste.

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Different other Flavor E-juices

Different individuals have different preferences, no matter the components’ flavor or quality. Thus one may not be to everyone’s liking.

  • Banana Strawberry

Two of the most extraordinary fake tastes available are strawberry and banana. These two well-known fruits provide lovely sources of inspiration for salt-nic juice and are excellent choices for disposable vape pens. Although sweet, strawberries have a ripe, solid fruit flavor. Bananas have a somewhat creamy and sweet taste. Strawberry has an acidity to balance out its nearly innocent sweetness. The combination just functions.

  • Iced Strawberry

The most excellent varieties have juicy and tangy flavors that entice the palate. Vapers who use salt nic have taken to menthol and fruit mixtures. They control the market for single-use vapes. The most OK ice cream is strawberry.

  • Rich Ice

Lush Ice is a frequent name for the blend of watermelon, menthol, and raspberry. The taste of watermelon is the critical component. All of them are variations of Lush Ice or directly compete with it.

  • Iced Lychee

The tropical fruit is lychee. It is a prevalent flavor for disposable vapes despite not being as well-known as mango or pineapple. Most lychee vape juices other than our strings candy have a menthol ice component. It is delicious and distinctive.

Final thoughts on Sour Strings eJuice

Cloud seekers need not fear since it will release a magnificent, thick plume that reaches your ceiling and floats like morning fog. To shake things up? Please leave her alone. Sour Strings eJuice was intended to stand on its own and be enjoyed. The relatively light color of this juice prevented me from having coil problems. But because of how sweet it is, continued consumption might lead to carbon buildup.