Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
LoL Account Owners

Ready your pitchforks, Summoner.

Everything is going up these days, even RP for League of Legends. If you’re a League of Legends account owner who occasionally drops money to purchase Riot Points for skins, you can expect those price values to change soon. Recently, Riot Games announced that they’re increasing the price of their in-game currency, Riot Points (RP), by up to a staggering 20% in some regions. Obviously, the community is more than displeased with this decision.

Riot Games is one of the largest companies owned by Tencent, but at a time like this, when everything is going up, the conglomerate is surprisingly feeling the pinch too. In the end, the company decided to look over the rates of their RP and TFT coin prices.

Everything is Going Up

The announcement came in a blog post on their official website, where Riot also detailed the price changes they’ll be doing. According to Riot, this decision was made to “account for the currency fluctuations, worldwide inflation, and consistency of their products.” What’s more, the price increase is set to hit most regions because of the economic shifts that are happening on a global scale.

You can expect some regions to feel the crunch more than others. North American LoL account owners can expect an increase of 9.8%, whereas Canada gets a slight bump with 9.9%. However, some European countries (like Poland, for example) aren’t so lucky, as they’ll have to brace for more than 20% hikes.

Here are the charts that show the prices and RP changes that will come in North America, Canada, Europe, and the UK:

North America
Old Price (USD)Old Total CurrencyUpdated Price (USD)New Total Currency
Old Price (CAD)Old Total CurrencyUpdated Price (CAD)New Total Currency
Old Price (EUR)Old Total CurrencyUpdated Price (EUR)New Total Currency
United Kingdom (UK)
Old Price (GBP)Old Total CurrencyUpdate Price (GBP)New Total Currency

If you look at all the charts, the only values that remained consistent are for the 1,380 RP and 2,800 RP purchases, but they still cost more. Based on Riot’s post, the average price increase is more or less 9.8%. However, regardless of what that average is—whether it be 9.8% or 10%—it’s a loss for the LoL players any way you look at it. These price hikes also apply to Teamfight Tactics players; they can expect the in-game coins to cost more once these changes are effective.

Why Players Are Livid

After Riot Games announced that they were bumping up the RP rates, social media began to fill up with many negative responses from fans. For the most part, players thought the RP increase hike didn’t make sense. Worldwide inflation has been the main reason many of these companies out there are pushing for an increase for their goods, and Riot—surprise, surprise—is one of them. Summoners are aware of the inflation that’s been happening around the globe lately, but League of Legends fans didn’t understand how this could also affect the digital market.

Some have expressed that the quality in League of Legends has dipped, such as the skins and other purchasable content the game’s had the last few years. Seeing that Riot now wants more of their players’ money for their add-ons left a number of the community feeling like it’s better just to quit playing the MOBA altogether.

When Will the Price Increase Take Effect?

Riot’s new prices are slated to take effect on August 19, so it’s not too late to buy the RP you need for your LoL account before things get a little more expensive. Riot is currently holding a promotional event that gives everyone bonus TFT coins and RP on all purchases to give you even more incentive to spend your money. The promotion will last from July 14 to 31.

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