Sun. May 19th, 2024
Sentinel League

Sentinel is nearing its end. Players are looking for more details about PoE 3.19.

Path of Exile’s Sentinel League was been a good run, and the expansion will conclude by August 16, 2022. With the end of Sentinel, GGG will introduce the new League known as Lake of Kalandra. PC and Mac Players will be able to farm Exalted Orbs in Patch 3.19 on August 19, 2022. Meanwhile, PlayStation and Xbox gamers will access the new League on August 24. With all these details, fans are now asking what Lake of Kalandra is about. 

PoE Sentinel League is Ending 

Sentinel made its way into Wraeclast on May 13, 2022. The latest League is one of the more popular expansions from the game compared to other ones in previous years. Patch 3.18 introduced the Sentinel summons to the game, which allowed players to farm more PoE currency.  

Many were dismayed about the lack of balancing fixes between classes. Despite this issue, gamers still enjoyed Sentinel since it allowed them to gain more items and currencies.

Path of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra 

GGG has been mum about the details regarding the upcoming expansion for weeks. Previously, only the release date and vague pieces of information were available to the public. Lake of Kalandra originally had a release date of August 12, 2022, but the devs made use of their one-week buffer and pushed the launch to August 19, 2022, with the 24th being the target day for PS and Xbox gamers. 

Several fixes were made to even out the playing field between characters in previous expansions. However, developers forgo any character balancing for Sentinel, with devs joking it would backfire horribly. Players were happy to hear that Lake of Kalandra would address the class imbalances of the game, which has been the bugbear for most of the community. 

Aside from this, the official name of the next expansion indicates that the 3.19 will feature an aquatic theme. The video trailer released also showed a backdrop is a harbor on a still-water lake. In addition, the image attached for an official blogspot was a ship, which further strengthens the supposed gimmick. 

Lake of Kalandra will also be introducing the end-game items from the Hardcore Solo Self-Found Sentinel League winners. In the latest expansion, developers challenged gamers with their Hardcore mode. The first set of Exiles who will defeat the League’s pinnacle boss will be given the right to design a unique end-game item. This mode will most likely make its appearance in Patch 3.19. 

Aside from these pieces of information, the community has no further details. Gamers need to wait for additional information in upcoming notes. In the meantime, players should enjoy the current League while it’s still active. 

Common League Scheduling 

When Sentinel was released in May 2022, it was already assumed that the expansion would end around August 2022. It was common for Path of Exile Leagues to have a life span of three months before it is replaced by a newer one. This timetable is further reinforced with the announcement of Sentinel’s end date. 

For Lake of Kalandra, it is safe to assume that it will also follow the standard 3-month lifespan. This would indicate that Patch 3.19 will last until November. It will then be followed by a new League.  

Patch 3.18.1d 

While Sentinel is in its last few stages, updates are still pushing through to make it’s final few moments more enjoyable. Several bug fixes have been implemented as well as several minor tweaks. Here are the main takeaways from the latest patch: 

  • Divine Vessels can now modify Maps when a point is allocated to the Stream of Consciousness Atlas Keystone. 
  • Soul Conduit monster modifiers can now raise up to 30 nearby monsters to fight again. 

Gamers should enjoy the last bits of Sentinel and farm more PoE currency before it concludes on August 16. In the meantime, players should wait for further details regarding Lakes of Kalandra. Hopefully, GGG will release more notes in the coming weeks.