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Spun through the many centuries since its creation, Roulette has well and truly stood the test of time to become known as a casino classic.

With players both on and offline seeking out a way to spin the iconic wheel on a daily basis, we thought it would be a good time to explore one of the many bet types you can place within a game of Roulette – outside bets. 

So, whether you play online Roulette at Betfair Casino or another online provider— or you prefer to play in person inside your local or favourite casino establishment — the next time you’re at the game table, you’ll have the confidence to place down a betting chip of two into the outside bet area, knowing your bet type and the odds attached to it.

Read on to find out more.

Roulette table layout

When it comes to the Roulette table layout, there are the numbers section, where the numbers found within the wheel are placed into their own individual boxes. 

To the side of this part of the layout, are boxes that contain words and/or numbers that represent categories such as colour or number amount.

The boxes that contain single numbers are known as the inside bets. The boxes with the words and numbers to the side of the number layout area is known as the outside bets.

Outside Bets

Now we know where to find the outside bets within the table layout, its time to learn what they represent and the odds attached to them.

  • Red / Black

This outside bet type focuses on the colour of the pocketed wheel, rather than the number housed within the pocket. With pockets alternating between red and black, it is up to you to predict whether the ball will land within a red or black pocket. To do this, you’ll need to place a betting chip(s) in the box coloured in red or black. This carries a 1:1 odd.

  • Odd / Even

With the Odd / Even outside bet, you’re given the opportunity to predict if the number within the pocket, where the small ball lands, is of odd or even variety.

To play, you’ll need to place a betting chip(s) in the box that has the word Odd or Even inside. This carries a 1:1 odd.

  • High / Low

Rather than focusing on whether the number within the winning pocket is odd or even, this bet allows you to predict if the number falls within the high (19-36) or low (1-18) category. 

This is represented by two boxes on the layout, one with the word high and the other with the word low. However, some tables may show this by displaying 1-18 or 19-36 instead. 

To place a bet of this type, you’ll need to place a betting chip(s) in the box that corresponds with your prediction. This carries a 1:1 odd.

There are two other outside bets that you could place called Column and Dozen, which consist of placing bets on multiple numbers with a single betting chip, but we can explain this another time.

Will you be placing any of the bets above when you next play Roulette?

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