Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Now You All Know About Tape-In Hair Extensions

Selecting the correct hair extensions can feel overwhelming since there are so many choices available in the market, and it is the easiest way to jump on what brand or type of tape-in hair extensions are trending.

 However, just thinking about your hair’s kind, lifestyle, and the look you want will help you select the finest hair extensions.

In this article, you will know every detail of tape in extension in detail description.

What Is Tape In Hair Extensions?

  • Tape-in extensions come with pre-taped fiber with adhesive approved by doctors and usually makes one inch broad. 
  • Comparable to other hair extensions, tape-ins make with natural human hair or synthetic hair.
  • 100% human hair is the best for the most realistic look and feel with its intact set hair cuticle.
  • The hair generally gathers from one donor with a similar cuticle setting. 
  • The alignment provides fewer knots and free tangles.
  • Matting in the extensions will give you a variety of styles more willingly than synthetic hair.

How Long Does A Tape-In Extension Stay?

  • Tape-in extensions consider semi-permanent extensions. 
  • The lasting of extensions depends on how you take care of them and how quickly your natural hair grows,
  • Tape-in extensions will last around 4 to 8 weeks before requiring to change or re-apply.

How to apply Tape in Extensions?

  1. Tapes will apply to your hair using two wefts placed together with your hair. 
  2. The slice of your hair in between the tapes is slightly shorter in width so that lost hairs do not mix with the tab. 
  3. The hair in between should be in the exact thickness of the tape to ensure the hair will maintain the weight of the extension.
  4. Applying permanent extension of a too-small amount can induce damage and hair pull.
  5. Always remember to imitate the weight of the weft you apply.
  6. The arrangement of the strand will entirely depend on how you want to look and what you try to get the style.

How can you remove Tape in Hair Extensions? 

  • Tape extensions are removed with a liquid solution; you can use gentle oil-based citrus tape hair remover that efficiently relieves tapes, draws them, and is kinder to the skin and hair.
  • Many removers mainly make with alcohol that releases a powerful acetone smell which is not very nice and irritates your scalp. 
  • To remove the tapes, you need to 
  1. First, use a remover solution and carefully spray the top of the weft a few times,
  2. Then, leave them for 30 seconds. 
  3. Then, you will feel that the tab may begin to loosen.
  4. After that, gently remove the tape from the hair, 
  5. If the tape attaches and feels very stuck, you need to use the end of the pin tail comb carefully and pull the tabs apart. 
  6. Once you remove one side of the sandwich tab and for another tab, you again Respray and repeat the procedure to pull the other one.


Care is essential for extending the life of your tape-in hair extensions. However, each of our tape-ins makes with 100% human hair; you need to handle it like your own hair. Always gently comb or brush your hair during attachment and after removing them. Overall, the sufficiently you look after your tape-in hair extensions, they will stay longer and last.