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If you have experienced “the price of your groceries has gone up lately,” there are multiple reasons for the same—for example, fluctuating prices of raw material results in expensive grocery products. So, whether you purchase weekly or monthly food products affects your overall expenses, which is why it’s essential to budget our monthly expenditures. But in the name of budgeting, we should also not compromise with our groceries.  

Although we cannot solve the pricing, with a few tips or tricks, we can save a little extra on each purchase. You can avail of discounts, deals, offers, or purchase food items using Safeway weekly ads or food flyers.  

Nowadays, every grocery store is influenced by the popularity of flyers or weekly ads, and Safeway is among those stores. They regularly introduce food flyers or Weekly Safeway Ads consisting of offers like – 30-50% discounts, complimentary products or buy one get one free, and much more.

Keep reading further to explore the sure shot hacks!

Top 3 Money-Saving Tips

With our detailed research, we have gathered a few tips that might help you save a on grocery shopping. 

  1. Assess consumption 

Before enlisting your grocery, examine your weekly or monthly consumption. Analysing your consumption will give you a fair idea of products used more often. Sometimes, we purchase certain products but don’t consume them. Once you eliminate necessary purchases, you will get enough money to invest in healthy dietary alternatives for your day-to-day meals. 

Next, if you are sure about your grocery consumption, refer to Safeway Weekly Ads & flyers for better deals or discounts. Also, try having a light snack before shopping for your groceries to eliminate unnecessary consumption. This is a sure-shot way to reduce expenses on products that may pleasure you for a day but may not be helpful for monthly consumption. 

  1. Buk purchase   

After assessing your consumption, purchasing pantry essentials in bulk is best. You can buy those items that won’t get spoiled over some time or benefit you in the longer run. It will save a lot more finances, and you will always have essential grocery items in your pantry. These days stores have separate weekly ads, where you might find offers like 1 +1, 10-30% flat discount on bulk purchases. 

Not only in-store, but you can explore deals in Safeway Weekly Ads or flyers as well. 

  1. Clever midweek shopping  

If you are looking for the most honest tip, shop on Wednesdays or Thursdays, and you will find cheaper goods. Why? Because stores restock their shelves every midweek, chances are high that you will get a fresh product. Especially if you are purchasing a dairy product or baked food, try buying these products midweek. On the other hand, avoid shopping on weekends, yes you heard it right! 

We mostly visit stores on weekends for better deals, but a more extensive crowd results in fewer deals or discounts.  

Time also plays a significant role when you require a fresh food product at discounted prices. For example, early birds get to purchase fresh items and enjoy shelf clearance sales. However, if you doubt waking up early in the morning, take advantage of shopping before closing or refer to Safeway Weekly Ad


With fluctuating prices, it takes work to shop within a budget. But with the help of these tips & tricks, you might save a little extra each time you shop for your groceries. We hope our article was informative enough for you and guided you through some sure-shot ways to budget your groceries smartly.  

Before you spend your hard-earned money on unnecessarily expensive goods, we recommend you consider the guide given above. Happy Shopping! 

By Richard Maxwell

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