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Engineers Raven Software affirmed the arrival of Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes, the total Warzone fix note, and the main update of the week. The fix note is delivered as a feature of the CoD 1.34 update, and it is the main update that may set aside some effort to download.

The fix notes add new weapons, updates, and document size the executives changes in the game, Call of Duty: Warzone. The designer has reported the fix notes as the most recent update, and it incorporates connection refreshes, dev blunder fixes, nerf for the AUG, and more for the Season 2 Warzone.

Major parts in the United States are anxious to get the new fix notes and appreciate gaming with new weapons and guides.

What is Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes?

Combat area Update 1.34 Patch Notes are carrying out, and major parts in the United States are anxious to get it into their gadget for an advanced interactivity experience. It is the most recent update fix with different ongoing interaction advancements. Furthermore, the fix note vows to add execution enhancements and solidness across the stages.

The Warzone Update 1.34 Patch Notes are here to fix some normal bugs and issues in the interactivity while adding a few guides and weapons into the game. The MP5 is the most deadly weapon in the Black Ops Cold War ongoing interaction, and the new update brings the best advantages and connections for it to make a definitive SMG load-out.

In addition, the Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes additionally bring some bug fixes, AUG nerf, and that’s just the beginning, making it the best Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update.

What’s in store in the Update 1.34?

General Fixes – The Dev Error 6634 sorts out, and there are captions added for Garcia, Beck, and Sims.

Ongoing interaction – The strategic guide gets refreshed, and the defensive layer range reliably as the ground plunder accessible taking all things together matches. New Bumper ping control plot accessible

Weapons – Cold War AUG base force fixed, and it opens the new after-activity report.

Connections – Suppressor gag shows effectively, and cavalry lancer barrel builds harms on vehicles, ADS terminating liveliness issue on extensions is fixed in Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes.

Bug Fixes – Audio-related issues, matchmaking upgrades, outline rate drop issues, freezing issues, network enhancements, security and execution upgrades, worker detachment fixes, slack issues, and faltering issues are fixed.

The Size of the Update

After the consideration of new Operators in the update, the update’s size is probably going to be little contrasted with different updates. It is normal that the size of the update would go from 8GB to 15GB, contingent on the stage.

The Content

There is a higher possibility that players may track down the new ZRG 20mm expert marksman rifle in the most recent update. The Warzone Arsenal would likewise get the Kar98k rifleman rifle for significant distance cutting after the Warzone 1.34 Patch Notes.

The Release Date of the Update

In the wake of assessing, we have not discovered any affirmation about the delivery date, yet it is broadly expected that the update would go live for players on 31st March 2021 at 11 PM IST or on first April at 7 AM BST.


The Warzone Reloaded Season 2 is accompanying the new fix notes to fix numerous bugs and issues. Aside from fixes, there is new weapon adjusting and different updates.

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