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This article audits the market of recently dispatched Meta Travelers NFT. Kindly read this article to know how it functions, its cost, and market.

Is it true that you are hoping to put resources into another NFT? MetaTravelers NFT was dispatched on nineteenth November 2021 in the United States. Did you realize that 7777 Avatars of MetaTravelers were sold out inside 15 minutes after the deal went live? MetaTravelers are 3D craftsmanship by similar specialists who are spurred to make a Metaverse.

Might you want to audit and find out about MetaTravelers NFT? Kindly read this article giving far reaching data about the Meta Travelers NFT?

About Meta Travelers:

The NIBIRU, Volume one of MetaTravelers, comprises of 7777 Avatars of the Nibiru sold on Ethereum, clinging to ERC-721 guidelines. MetaTravelers is 3D wearable Avatars in the game that arbitrarily makes characteristics that are partaken in the assortment. MetaTravelers NFT is an entrance key to withdraw gamified encounters in the Metaverse, dissension channels, and future occasions.

By teaming up with craftsmen, designers and makers, MetaTravelers NFT will make a vast expanse of societies that will incorporate Theora and the Nova. They are set to be dispatched in mid 2022 in the following variant of Meta Travelers NFT. Every organization will convey a special arrangement of Meta Travelers from significant distance presence.

Meta Travelers Founder

The data about the organizer of this NFT isn’t uncovered to general society.

How does this NFT work?

The wearable Avatars can be stamped for benefit on Somnium Space, Decentraland, and so on

MetaTravelers organizations will work autonomously right away yet will at long last profit from each other as the Meta Travelers people group develop, team up, make in an immense organization across the Metaverse and contend.

As the MetaTravelers NFT was dispatched four days back, point by point market measurements are as yet anticipated. Notwithstanding, we bring the accompanying data.

Meta Travelers NFT Price:

Cost – 0.09 ETH

Cost in USD – $371.56


24H VOLUME – 107.32

24H MINTS – 3,482

24H SALES – 677

NFTs sold most recent 7 days – 1,259

Exchanging volume most recent 7 days – $758k

Normal value most recent 7 days – $602

All out Supply – 7777

Value forecast:

The value forecasts are anticipated from specialists as MetaTravelers NFT was dispatched four days back.

How to purchase MetaTravelers NFT?

Access your MetaMask wallet.

Reserve your MetaMask wallet with ETH. ETH is needed for buying MetaTravelers NFT

Interface your MetaMask Wallet on to start purchasing Meta Travelers NFT

Click on the buy button

You will get a warning in your MetaMask wallet to endorse your exchange for buying MetaTravelers NFT.


1Q. What is the authority MetaTravelers NFT address to purchase?

1 Ans. The authority Contract Address to purchase MetaTravelers NFT is 0x5372f926b34Be60aC1436372107C3eE8c6e056E5


The 10% of MetaTravelers NFT over the most recent 7 days were sold for at minimum $541, and 90% of MetaTravelers NFT were sold for at minimum $693. Along these lines, the normal cost of MetaTravelers NFT is $586. As the idea of Virtual Artwork is new, we encourage you to stand by and notice Meta Travelers NFT market patterns prior to contributing

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