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Medjool Dates

What is it?

         Medjool dates are different dates delighted due to their pleasantness. They are bigger in size and have more caramel-like taste than others. They have a pit in the middle surrounded by flesh.People frequently sell them dried that makes them delicate and tacky. Their sugars concentrate as they get dried which further enhance their natural sweatness.

                      They are a fresh fruit that never gets dried physically and chemically. Medjool dates are higher in calories but they are full of nutients and antioxidants. The pleasantness, enormous size and succulent tissue of medjool dates make them ideal as they are high in calories and are full of supplements that are connected to many healthful benefits. They are grown in warm climates and are high in vitamins and nutrients.

Significance of medjool dates:

                    They help you to increase potassium levels in your diet. Many people consider them dried organic products but they are actually fresh fruit yet not a little bit of water is removed.

1.Medjool dates add to iron assumption:

                         They contain 18 percent which guarantees your body gets enough iron. Copper likewise assists our bodies maintain alid bones, veins, nerves and resistant capability.

As iron is a significant mineral which our body needs for development and improvement. We should get it from the food varieties we eat.

2.Medjool dates are a decent wellspring of Vitamin B:

                               Medjool dates contain Vitamin B6 which helps in digestion and focal sensory system. When the level of vitamin B6 in our body falls, individuals respond with skin rashes, weakened immune system and lower energy level.

3.Medjool dates contain fibres:

                   7 gram of fibre is enough in regulating our digestive system and it works as a digestive enzyme with gas or swelling that can emerge when you increase your fibre consumption.

Nutritional facts of Medjool dates:

                     Medjool dates or joolies do not contain proteins or fat. They are a great source of energy, most of which comes from sugar.A single medjool contains 66.5 calories and provide essential nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and iron.Their nutritional data is given as;

Calories: 23

Fat: 0g

Sodium: 0.2mg

Starches: 6g

Fibre: 0.6g

Sugars: 5g

Protein: 0.2g

Potassium: 53 mg

Magnesium: 3.4mg

Iron: 0.1mg

Folate: 1.52mcg


   Dates are not a huge wellspring of fats.


   A single date contains 6 gram of carbs which mainly comes from sugar. Dates taste so sweet because of the high level of fructose present in it.


       Dates supply a negligible amount of proteins. They incorporate other protein sources like meat, fish, nuts and seeds and vegetables to meet our daily requirements.

Growth Pattern:

            Growing a medjool date is a serious interaction.The cultivators call it a wonderful source of both joy and pain. It takes about seven years for a tree to begin delivering. When it happens, producers need to go all over the tress 12 to 15 times each year.The complete process of growing medjool palm tree from seeds is discussed as;

Step 1. Secure Medjool Date Palm Seeds:

                                         Buy new perfect Medjool  dates from a nearby grocery store. Make sure that dates have not been hallowed.Buy online  from

Step 2. Set up the date seeds:

                           Utilise a clean, sharp blade to strip the tissue from medjool date palm seeds.Wash the striped seed under cool running water to remove all food particles

Step 3. Splash the seed:

                      Splash the medjool date seeds in a bowl of cool, clean water for no less than 48 hours.Change the water for new everyday and keep the seeds submerged. 

Step 4. Set up the planting pot:

                 Fill a nursery pot that is at least 6 inches deep with a combination of new sterile preparing blend and peat greenery. You have to hold some water in the planting medium because the seed needs to be moisturised.

Step 5. Plant the seed in pot:

                   Cover the seed in dirt at a depth equivalent to its width. Press the dirt down over and around the seed to guarantee great seed to contact with soil.

Step 6. Water the pot:

                  Water the seed pot habitually to keep it moist at all times. The seed won’t sprout in dry soil. Maintain these circumstances until the seed sprouts.

Step 7. Give the pot Sufficient Light Outside:

                                     Place the seed pot in a bright shady area outside. If you will check soil moisturiser regularly then having shade is the best option.

Step 8. Sit tight for Medjool date palm to develop:

                                Permit around 6 to 8 weeks for the  date seed to grow and develop one or more green shoots. Permit up to 5 years for your date palm to reach development.