Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

According to Mordor, Cigar sales are predicted to climb 11% in the the next 5 years. While that is a nice increase its not going to be enough to keep up with all the inflationary costs that cigar shop owners are going to face. The best way to compensate for this increase in costs is to grow your revenue and find new products to sell.

That’s where clean air can come into the picture. If you provide a smoking environment for your customers in your brick-and-mortar store, you can set yourself apart from the competition by providing a smoke free environment. Given a choice, most clients choose a lounge that is less smoky. The cigars taste better, and you don’t go home smelling like an ashtray. Clean air allows cigar lovers to enjoy the subtleties of their favorite smoke.

When the air is clean your visitors will spend more time in your shop and spend more money while they are there. Even the regular cigar smoker will let you know that their eyes start burning after a long time in a smoky room. To clean the air, we strongly suggest LakeAir brand smoke eaters. LakeAir has the largest line of smoke eaters in the USA if not the world. With over 20 different models, 5 mounting option, and 6 filtration types you are sure to find an air cleaning solution to fit your needs and budget.

Dallas CigarsDallas Cigars provides clean air for its Patrons

Growing Your Local Brand and Revenue

Cigar shops can grow their brands with customized smoke removal systems from LakeAir. These custom products were introduced at the PCA’s Las Vegas cigar show in July of 2022.  One shop owner, Shane Mayer, owner of the Cigar Vault in Pacific Missouri purchased (2) customized WM-RC2 smoke eaters . This custom design only costs an extra $125.00 design charge. Not every detail of the shop’s logo can be incorporated into the WM-RC2. But, LakeAir provides a High-End product that is all steel and is wholly made in the USA.

Customized Smoke Eater

Mr. Mayer is growing his brand, strengthening local sales and provides customers with clean air. A considerable effort went into converting the old bank vault into a first-class humidor. Cigar shop owners who put the effort into making their locations comfortable get significantly more return business. Reoccurring business is increased by an attractive shop and profits are soon to follow.

Cigar Vault Pacific MO

Adding Clean Air Products

By adding products that you can sell in your store and on line increase your chances of more revenue. You can easily offer the same clean air solutions you use in your cigar shop to your customers. LakeAir has an affiliate program that lets you sell smoke removal systems to your customers. In this program your customers get a lower price than is available on the LakeAir website. 

With a good smoke removal system in their homes your customers will be able to consume more of your products. When a customer can smoke in the house at home all year long, they are likely to be more opportunities for him or her to enjoy that fine stogie they purchased from your shop.

The Affiliate program is super simple. There is nothing for you to do but add a link on your website or store and collect a generous commission. The fine folks at LakeAir do all the work, they collect the money, pay the taxes, deliver the products and service the products and warranty. Your commissions are automatically paid every month. For more information on the LakeAir Cigar Shop affiliate program see this blog post from the LakeAir website.

Nice Ash Cigar in Sandusky Ohio is a LakeAir Cigar Shop Affiliate

Concluding Thoughts

To help your cigar shop thrive in the future consider adding smoke eaters to keep your smoking facility  an inviting place to purchase and enjoy a cigar. Adding cigar air purifiers to your product line will give you a useful and profitable to sell. Remember, you can offer these great products without investing in stock by joining an affiliate program specializing in these apparatuses.