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vinyl stickers

You have probably seen vinyl stickers on your favorite products. But have you ever considered making them yourself? I know that it seems like a daunting task, but it is not. In fact, it only takes a few steps and some basic materials to make your own waterproof vinyl stickers at home. In this regard, here are some easy steps to make your own designed and customized vinyl stickers ideas to life at home without any specific hassle.

Materials Needed

The very first step in making your own stickers is the collection of all the required materials and tools within your arm’s reach. In this regard, here is the list of items you should collect before starting with the process.

  • A cutting machine.
  • Design software.
  • An inkjet printer.
  • Printable vinyl.
  • Clear vinyl laminate.
  • Cutting mat.
  • Application tool.

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Design Your Stickers

The very next step is designing your particular sticker. For that purpose, you can use multiple tutorials available online. However, if you are an expert in designing on your own, you should use the design software like Canva and Adobe Illustrator. While designing, make sure your design is fulfilling all the aspects following your objectives. You can also use templates available online if you want to make them, especially for the events like Christmas, Birthdays, or any other such occasion.

Prepare The File For Printing

Once you are done with designing your colorful or white vinyl stickers, you will need to prepare them for printing. This involves two things:

  • Preparing the file for printing by converting it into a PDF or Jpeg file format that is compatible with your printer and software.
  • Print out the sticker on white card stock paper with an inkjet or laser printer, and then cut out any excess material around its edges before applying it directly to whatever surface you’re using as background material.

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Printing on vinyl is very different from printing on paper. The first thing you need to do is set up your printer for printing with vinyl. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Make sure that the printer is turned off and unplugged from the power source.
  • Use a laser printer if possible, but any other type of printer should work too. Just make sure that it has the proper settings for making prints out of vinyl.
  • Unscrew or remove all packing materials from within the machine’s hard drive case and/or internal components. This will allow better ventilation and prevent overheating problems associated with installing additional parts like fans or filters later down the road when using this model regularly again after its initial setup has expired.

Preparing The Vinyl Stickers And Paper

The next step in the process is preparing the vinyl stickers and transferring the design from paper to the vinyl sheet. Here is how you should be doing;

  • Cut out the shape of your custom vinyl sticker, and carefully trim it so that it is flush with all sides of the paper. If you have a vinyl cutter, this step can be done in one simple step.
  • Mark where each side of your sticker will go onto your paper. Then remove any excess glue from around these marks with a clean paintbrush or tissue paper. You do not want any stray bits of glue left behind, it will ruin your final product.

Cutting Out The Stickers

Now that you have your vinyl stickers ideas , it is time to get started. Before cutting any stickers, make sure that:

  • The vinyl is positioned correctly. Make sure that each sticker has a solid backing on both sides of its front and back pieces. If one side is not touching another piece of paper or plastic, the sticker will not stick properly when applied to whatever surface you are using it.
  • Your knife/cutter is sharp enough so as not to tear through the material easily when cutting through multiple layers at once. You can test this by holding up one end of the sticker with one hand while working with scissors in another hand with another hand. If there is any resistance before cutting begins, then chances are good that your blade is not sharp enough yet.

Finishing The Edges Of The Stickers

The next step is to cut around the edges of your holographic vinyl stickers. You will want to use a sharp knife/cutter and make sure not to go through the paper itself but instead just past it. The best way is by holding your hand over one edge and tracing along that line with your blade, this makes sure that you do not cut into your sticker.

Once you have finished cutting all four sides, lay out some newspaper on top of your table so that when you drop them, they won’t roll away from each other or scratch anything, this will help keep things neat while they dry.


Laminating is a process that adheres a thin layer of plastic to the back of your vinyl sticker. The laminate protects the sticker from UV rays and moisture, making it more durable.

Laminate kits are available at most craft stores or online retailers like Amazon or Walmart. You can also make your own by following these instructions!


You are done. Now you have got a sticker that can do whatever you need it to do. You can take it anywhere and use it for any purpose. You might also want to make more stickers if you are particularly proud of yourself or for other reasons.

It’s much easier than you think to make your own waterproof vinyl stickers at home.

It’s much easier than you think to make your own waterproof vinyl name stickers at home. You can make them in any size, and they are so easy to use that even children can do it.

You may think that it would be difficult or time-consuming to create such a large piece of art, but the truth is that this project is surprisingly simple. In fact, all you need is some water-resistant paper, glue, and scissors. That’s it!


Now that you know the basics of how to make your own vinyl stickers, you can start getting creative. Whether it is for a project at work or just because you love sticker art, this process is very simple and will ensure that your finished product is waterproof. You will also save money by doing things yourself instead of paying an outside company.