Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
optical bonding adhesive

Optical bonding is a procedure of affixing the contact panel (or simplest the protecting glass) to show the use of a liquid, gel, or dry (film) adhesive. In general, this procedure improves the parameters of the optically bonded LCD module – each the optical overall performance and its durability.

The LCD optical bonding procedure makes use of an optical-grade adhesive to connect glass to the pinnacle floor of a show. It removes the standard air hole between the contact panel and the show.

The air hole is the purpose for the phenomena of daylight mirrored image. So, whilst the show is off, the Visual Area (V.A.) is by no means black – it’s far gray.

By disposing of the air hole, we lessen the quantity of inner reflecting surfaces. This improves clarity with the aid of using decreasing the mirrored image and enhancing contrast. This is how LCD optical bonding will increase the optical overall performance of the show.

The optical bonding of LCD includes 3 major stages:

Preparation stage – first we want to pick suitable optical clean adhesive and cope with floor decontamination.

Glue dispensing – right here we practice the optically clear adhesive on the entire show floor.

Bonding and curing – contact panel is cautiously layered onto the LCD, fending off any gaps or bubbles. Then the adhesive hardens with UV light.

Liquid Adhesive

There are many parameters that the liquid adhesive desires to meet to make certain a legitimate procedure. Firstly, the liquid adhesive used for optical bonding ought to be transparent. It desires to have an appropriate refractive index. To offer pinnacle-excellent optical bonding of LCD, the adhesive desires to be made beneath neath cautious management of the producer, ensuring that there aren’t any extensive versions in optical properties.

Secondly, the adhesive has to bond with ok strength. It desires to have an inexpensive pot lifestyle and remedy to the right completed bond circumstance the use of temperatures and situations which can be pleasant to optical bonding facilities.

In Riverdi optically bonded LCD we use an optical clean adhesive that meets strict requirements. Depending on the application, we modify the pleasant adhesive in your project. We layout optical bonding to keep away from unwanted effects, such as:

Yellowing – whilst the aggregate isn’t adjusted properly, the glue might also additionally react with UV, chemical substances, or radiation and flip yellow.

Mura effect – glue tensioning is inflicting mechanical stress.

Delamination of the module – shrinkage of the adhesive at excessive temperatures.

We want to bear in mind that suitable optical overall performance isn’t the simplest relying on aesthetics. Such a remedy guarantees the module is rugged. Optically bonded LCD is shock, impact, and vibration resistant.

Good clarity is a vital parameter for protection issues. For example, presentations installed in motors or working in hot-moist and cold-dry environments.

LCD optical bonding era is getting extra famous in the market. It turns into extra cost-powerful and the manufacturing time shortens. Prices range primarily based totally on parameters just as the length of the module, optical glass floor remedy, volume, and lead time. For most useful parameters, the charge can vary around a dozen USD.