You will definitely undergo pain when a curso de tatuagem online is done on your body. But there are some particular areas where pain is felt more profoundly. Some solutions to avoid these areas are:

1. The best method to find out about these places is by questioning people who have already got tattoos done on various parts of their bodies. You can ask somebody who has a single tattoo on a particular part of his body to rate the intensity of his pain on a scale of 1-10. Now, do the same thing with a person with a tattoo on a different part of the body. You can continue doing this till you make a list of different body parts with their rates of intensity of pain. But you have to remember that people have diverse pain tolerance levels so it is better to ask those who possess several tattoos on their bodies. Try to get their verdict about which places hurt them the most.

2. You can question the tattoo does as well. Since they have tattooed several people on various parts of the body and possess tattoos on their own bodies too, they would have a notion of the intensity of pain felt by a tattoo on a particular part of the body. They are acquainted with tattooing pain and the reasons behind it, as they are skilled in the art of tattooing and will be able to explain it to you.

3. There are online forums which talks about topics on tattoo, so if you have not been to a tattoo shop, you can visit them. These forums contain discussions on painful and safest places to have a tattoo. If there are no such topics, you can post it yourself and begin the discussion. But here, the conversation may deviate and responses can come at a slow pace. The replies may also vary among people but if you can devote enough time and have patience, the online forums can be useful for you.

4. You can also acquire knowledge about the painful places by reading online articles. There must be a list of such places and topics about them posted on the websites.

5. Search for tattoo courses on the internet or in classified advertisements and join them. They will give you an idea about which body parts should be avoided to lessen pain while getting a tattoo.

6. Apart from online articles, online videos can also provide with a lot of useful information about tattoos. You have to locate the videos that particularly deal with this topic and can filter your search by typing in apt keywords like “most painful places for tattoos”.

7. Some of the painful places for placing a tattoo are the bony body parts like the ankle, the knuckles, the foot, behind the ear, the chest, the private parts, the eyelids and the eyebrow.

8. The body parts where one experiences less pain are the thighs, the calf, the buttocks and the arms. It is wise to get your tattoo on these places to avoid pain.

Pain is a personal factor and the level of tolerance of pain varies with each individual. If you have doubt, you can poke your body with your fingernail to see where it hurts the most.