Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Home Security

Home security is a hot topic that requires us all to be vulnerable about our fears of the unknown.  The idea of someone coming into your home and stealing your items, or worse: harming the people who live there- can be traumatizing for some.

This is why so many move to spend money on home security to fight away this fear as much as possible.  Although there’s no way to guarantee your property will always be as infallible and safe as possible, the right home security system will get you as close to that as possible.

These are the top things to know when budgeting for your system and why they matter.

Many Security Systems Offer Monthly Payments

If money’s tight, and let’s face it- it is for many of us- then it’s obvious that you’ll want to break it down and make your payments as easy as possible.  This could mean breaking down equipment payments into monthly chunks, but it also means making sure that your wireless home security system’s monthly bill is affordable for you.  

Compare your budget against these added costs, and if you’re having trouble fitting it, consider removing or reducing spending in other parts of your month.

How Secure is your Neighborhood

Does your neighborhood have security issues?  Look at the local crimes that have happened in the last five years, and decide how many are large enough to warrant concern and which won’t affect you. For example, a home break-in just two or three houses away could raise some major red flags, while a property that hasn’t seen any external crime for over ten years may be the ideal place for most phone owners.

How Valuable are Your Belongings?

It’s hard to break down your possessions into dollar amounts, but consider how valuable your items are.  Look at your computers, your jewelry, and whatever electronics you have, and create a list of how much they’d all cost to replace.  This will get easier as you complete it, but it can be shocking to find out how much money you stored in your home without realizing it.  

After creating this list, please pay attention to it and place it somewhere someone else may not find it.  You may also want to submit it to whatever homeowners’ insurance you have so that you’ll be able to get back the value of your belongings if anything happens.

Have You Dealt With a Break-In Before?

Have you lived through a break-in before?  If so, you should clearly understand the importance of protecting property.  Please get to know your land, think about what weak points leave you vulnerable, and see that it will cost money to secure these areas.  Every home needs to feel secure, and dealing with living in a home that’s been broken into will shatter whatever illusion of safety you had. So put the money necessary into it, and make your home into the Fort Knox of your street.  

After all, a house that’s secure enough to feel overly safe is the best target you can aim for, regardless of your budget.