Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
Key Details One Must Check Before Enrolling in an MBA College

A Master‘s degree is a very crucial part of a student’s career. Most of the students who pursue masters in business administration have the same motto to get a high package. In this scenario, taking admission to the best college within their budget is even more important. Swarnim University, the best MBA University in Gandhinagar has brought a few key details one must check before they enroll in an MBA college. They have gone through the problems students face in deciding on the right MBA College and then covered in this article a few crucial points every student must know-

1) The Career Plan-

Every student before pursuing a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) should have a clear view of their future plans for their career. It has been observed students don’t decide on the subject in which they want to specialize in their master’s degree and then after enrolling in some college they opt for the subject that the crowd of students chooses in the majority. It is advisable that every student should check on their strength and weakness and then decide on the specialization subject and only after this step check for college which have that particular specialization or not. Swarnim University is providing specialization in all subjects for MBA in Gandhinagar and is one of the best.

2) Legacy-

A student before taking admission to any college for MBA should check the history of the college/ university. There are many new institutes that have opened now which are still in their building phase but many institutes that have been established years back are famous and provide good placements. This is another important factor a student should rely on. Swarnim University is quite old and many students rely on this university. The university has a good record and has been constantly improving each year for better and better results.

3) Accreditation- 

This is the most important key point ever student should take care of. A student should always opt for an accredited institute because only accredited colleges are enrolled in government student welfare schemes. The institute you select for your master’s degree must be AIU and AICTE accredited. To check whether a particular college/ university is accredited or not, you simply need to go to the official websites of AIU and AICTE and check if the college you selected is enlisted there or not. Swarnim University is recognized by AICTE, MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development), and ARIIA (Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements). 

4) Placements-

Every student pursues a master’s degree so that they get a high package. One can get a high package only and only if some high standard and recognized companies come to those institutes for recruitment. So each and every student should check on the companies that come to college for recruitment and one should only opt for those colleges where good companies come. Swarnim University is one such body where some high- class companies come for recruitment. A few companies are-

• Google

• Unilever

• Byjus

• Microsoft

• HP (Hewlett Packard)

• Amazon

• Intel

• Flipkart

5) Faculty record-

For a bright future, a strong study base is necessary. A strong foundation for a student can only be provided by top- class faculties. Whether you opt for an MBA course or any other course, a student must check whether the faculty is highly qualified and experienced because only the best faculties can bring out the best in the student. Another major thing is that the institute must have faculties for soft skills because soft skills play a major role in MBA as it is public- engaged course. Swarnim University has focused on maintaining good faculties through multiple interviews and tests at the time of recruitment and then kept an eye on them through student feedback.There are many more factors like this but there are the key points every student must know before they enrolled for a master’s degree in business administration. Swarnim University has tried to maintain all these key points and thus is giving placement to students in big companies at good packages.