Thu. Apr 18th, 2024
iphone x review


The iPhone XS Max made huge ripples in the market when it was launched. The main reason behind the same was nothing but the huge size of the device. Apple has never launched such a big-sized device in the market, which amazed the fanboys and tech enthusiasts. Millions of people are still curious about the device, as entering the iOS Ecosystem with the iPhone XS Max is easier than ever. So, if you are willing to buy iPhone XS Max Cases for girls, then it’s the right time. But, is the phone suitable for the standards in 2022?

If you are willing to buy the iPhone XS Max in 2022, you should know everything about this device. With the in-depth review of the features, you will be very much informed about the smartphone and make a buying decision. Don’t worry; we got you covered; as in this post, we will share detailed information on the iPhone XS Max. with a detailed review of the smartphone, you will get full insights on the performance metrics and the pricing of the same. All you have to do is check out the review from our technical team and make a buying decision.

iPhone XS Max Review

First Look

Well, the first look of the device is pretty stunning. With the traditional iPhone design, it comes with a notched display. Also, it has the gorilla glass back, which adds a shiny flare to the device. Also, it becomes easier for the users to spot the 6.5-inch OLED screen, which is beautiful and bright for even outdoor usage conditions.


As we said earlier, the iPhone XS Max comes with a massive 6.5-inch OLED screen. Although the iPhone 12 Pro Max has surpassed it with the huge 6.7-inch display, it still retains the charm with its huge screen. The display is quite bright for the outdoor condition, so it becomes easier to use your device in the harsh daylight. The OLED screen has a fixed refresh rate of 60Hz, but it becomes easier not to notice the same with the fluid animations. If you have no issues with the refresh rate of the device, then you will find iPhone XS Max a suitable option.


When it comes to camera performance, the iPhone XS Max comes with the same camera as iPhone X. But, the camera has some improvements compared to the iPhone X. the device comes with the amazing Smart HDR mode, which is software side increment. The device has multiple performance upgrades on the camera software side, as the device produces the finest quality photos and videos with the same camera hardware. Not just that, the low-light performance of the smartphone is excellent, as we’ve been experimenting with the same in low-light conditions.


iPhone XS Max comes with the Apple A12 Bionic Chipset, which claims to have 40% better performance than its predecessors. The performance boost is noticeable when we compare the iPhone XS Max with any other previous generation device. The processor provides all the power to the user while engaging in high-intensity usage conditions. The processor handles everything swiftly, whether video recording, data transfer, heavy internet surfing, high-quality media consumption, or even gaming.

Also, the device comes with 4GB of RAM and multiple storage options for the users. Having properly optimized software like iOS 14, the device runs pretty smoothly for multitasking. You can easily open multiple applications and switch through them easily. According to the official information, the latest version of iOS 15 will be released for this device, making it up-to-date with the current software standards.

Final Words

The iPhone XS Max is a beast that you can see and feel in your hands. The sheer size and the performance of this device are massive and powerful, which makes it easier to use the device for a long time. If you have small palms, then this device might be too big for your size, but you should not ignore the same only because of the size. It’s a high-end device from the iPhone X series, so it has premium pricing, but with time, it has become affordable for everyone. So, we recommend the iPhone XS Max for every girl who needs sheer power and has a low budget for entering the iOS Ecosystem.