Sun. Apr 21st, 2024
GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in India and most people in the country use it as their primary messaging app. WhatsApp currently has over 200 million monthly active users and as long as it is free, this number will continue to grow.

Although WhatsApp has many features, it lacks the customization that many users would like. The application has many limitations and the user cannot customize the application as per his/her choice. If you are someone who wants to customize WhatsApp, then there is a solution for you – GBWhatsApp. You can get the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK from whatsappinstalling.

How to Use GB WhatsApp in a Simple Way?

In this day and age, learning to use GBWhatsApp or other WhatsApp mods such as FMWhatsApp and any more is a piece of cake for a lot of people. Especially those people who have already used WhatsApp Messenger can easily understand GBWhatsApp. WhatsApp Mode is easy to use, although not many people are familiar with these APKs.

The use of GBWhatsApp is similar to WhatsApp. After the APK file is downloaded and installed, first we have to open the app and register the phone number. We will receive a verification code and will be able to activate the client. The interface is divided into 3 tabs:

How to Access Chat in GB WhatsApp?

Here we will see a list of all the conversations that we had. By clicking on any entry in the list, we can access the entire conversation. To start one, look for the + icon in the bottom right corner and select the first option from the pop-up, which looks like a text bubble. This will allow us to select a contact and start a conversation.

All we have to do is click on the text box below to compose your message, send emoji, or attach a file along with many other options. Once everything is ready, press the kite icon or press the Enter button on your phone’s keyboard to send a message.

How to See Status in GBWhatsApp?

Status is a function that allows us to display a picture or video of our contacts for 24 hours as temporary content. This function can be found on the second tab of the interface. After logging in, you’ll see the My Status option where you can record a video or take a photo, you’ll also see a list of all the statuses your contacts have posted, and finally the bottom corner a pencil icon will appear. If you want to write a text as your status, see the example.

How to Make Calls in GBWhatsApp?

Here we will get all the options to make calls and video calls using GBWhatsApp. When we first access the menu, it will be blank, but it will start filling up with our call logs, be it audio or video. To start a new call, press the phone button marked with the + icon in the lower right corner, find the contact and press the corresponding icon with the person’s name, depending on whether we’re making an audio or video call. In the case of video, the camera opens to record your face.

In addition to these three tabs, to the left of the top options bar, you’ll see a camera icon: it’s a shortcut to take a photo or record a video and send them to contact immediately. It also allows you to search your multimedia gallery.

How to Explore GBWhatsApp Settings?

If you tap on the icon with 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner of the GBWhatsApp interface, a menu with various options will appear. Most of the additional options for this mod can be found in the GB settings. Once in this menu, you will see a list of options that affect various aspects of the application:

PRIVACY AND SECURITY: Here we can freeze past connection times, choose whether we want the blue double check to appear in both our private and group conversations, choose if we can connect, prevent deletion from sending messages, and we can’t tell others we’ve seen their statuses… It’s all about privacy and security, as you probably collect by name.

Add-ons: Here we can add stickers and wallpapers. Basically, two links that take us to an online repository where we can download additional content.

Updates: Updates section where we can check if there is a new version, view the change history and improvements made in each new version, or update the application through its web.

About: specific sections containing data about the app and its creator, as well as some links to the app’s social profiles.

Themes: Here we can download new themes and completely change the interface of the MOD. Access an archive of over 4,000 different themes to choose from. We can also import themes from the SD card, save the changes made, or reset the side to skip the MOD as if it was just installed.

Universal: Here we will find different options for modifying the interface in terms of colors, icons, fonts… We can change many aspects of the interface with small details. Here we will also find functions related to backup and multimedia files, such as the maximum size of files we can send.

Home screen: As you can imagine, the settings that affect the main screen of the application, in other words, the list of chats, statuses, and calls. How the information is organized, and how the floating options button behaves.

Chat screen: This section includes settings that affect the chat window itself, how we see our contacts and how they see us, how multimedia content should behave, and specific customizations for specific contacts…

Widget: We can also set the widget that shows us app notifications on Android. Here we can change the side of the popup on our screen.

Final Words

These are the main things we see on the app. If we want to know how to use it, we just need to know these things and other features are explained in the settings. So, just explore the APK file at your leisure and enjoy all the features that we can’t do on traditional WhatsApp.