Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

In the current climate of online traffic, online sales, and online research, there is a need for each business to have a presence in some way. For many, the easiest and most efficient way to have a website made and launched is through using WordPress as their platform and building with one of the many themes that are available. 

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is a solid platform that has been in use for several years. It has a strong reputation for being easy to use and creating personalized websites suitable to almost any business. Made to be simple for those who do not have training or experience in website building, it can be accessed from anywhere and has limitless combinations to make each page different.

For people who are inexperienced in website building, it can be an overwhelming task to create a site from scratch and include each function and section that will help grow their business. WordPress themes make this even easier. By downloading a theme that fits your needs, you can easily install it on your WordPress site and adapt it. There are thousands of themes available that vary greatly in function, content, and design. Simply add the business information, images from the business, and then change the fonts or colors to match. Once you have selected a suitable theme, building the website can be fast and simple, even ready on the same day. 

Choosing a Theme with a WordPress Theme Detector

With so many themes available, it is possible to spend hours, or even days, looking through them all. To make this easier most have tags or recommendations for which type of site and business they are made for, what they do, and how easy they are to use. Alternatively, if you have found a website that has a theme you like and feel would be a good fit, you can use a WordPress theme detector. First, it is key to check the bottom of the site to see if it is made with WordPress, then copy the URL and enter it into your WP theme detector. The program will then report to you what theme is being used and can be further used to provide what plugins are in place, as well. Once you have selected your theme, install it on your site and begin creating.

Themesinfo WP Theme Detector

Themesinfo is a popular WP theme detector that can be used on its website or downloaded as a Chrome extension right to your browser. It will quickly and efficiently report to you which theme is being used on any WordPress site, as well as which plugins are being used. With this information, you can easily find and download the theme of any website that you like and then add the same plugins for similar functionality. This can save hours of work looking for a theme you prefer and help you get your website built and launched faster.