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With time goes by, you must have plenty of photos and videos to backup due to the limited phone storage or local hard disk storage. And the Google Drive becomes the most popular cloud storage services that makes you to sync local files like photos, videos and other files to Google Drive on multiple devices, like iPhone, Android, Computer, and Mac, etc. It’s quite convenient for most of us.

How to sync photos and videos from your computer to prevent the data loss because of the hard disk failure, power outage, virus attacks, malware, etc. Don’t worry, here we will show you the best free way to upload photos plus your videos to Google Drive easily.

Traditional Way to Sync Photos and Videos to Google Drive

Generally speaking, you could use the Google Drive for desktop to sync local files to Google Drive, it’s the Google official desktop app, which allows you perform Google Drive two way sync, that means that you could sync files to Google Drive, and synchronize the Google Drive files and folders on server to the local computer. So, you could use the Google Drive files in a smart way.

Here is how to sync photos and videos to Google Drive with Drive for desktop:

1. Please download and install Google Drive for desktop app on your computer, and sign in to your Google Drive account.

2. It will prompt you to add folder under My Computer to choose files and folders on your computer to sync with Google Drive server. Just choose the photos and videos you needed after clicking Add Folders to backup > press Select Folder > Sync with Google Drive > Done > Save.

3. Then press Google Drive on the left panel, choose Steam files or Mirror files to sync files to local computer.

Now, your photos and videos will be synced to Google Drive cloud. However, this way is not the easy way because it can only choose one folder at a time, if you need to sync many folders to Google Drive, you have to move all the files into one folder, then upload, or sync one by one.

Besides, Google Drive has the upload limit on Google Drive, up to 200MB for photos, and up to 10GB for videos.

Best Free Way to Sync Photos and Videos to Google Drive

To make things easier, the free cloud backup service – CBackup would do you a big favor, because there is no file size limit to upload, and you could sync photos and videos at one time, even sync entire computer to the cloud. Meanwhile, CBackup supports the mainstream clouds, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. And provides its own cloud named CBackup Cloud, offering 10 GB for free, and you could upgrade to up to 5TB cloud storage at a reasonable cost.

Moreover, CBackup provides the fast sync technology to speed up your sync process, now just follow me to sync photos and videos to Google Drive with CBackup:

1. Please download the CBackup desktop app on your computer, then sign up and log in.

2. Hit the My Storage tab on the left side, and click Add Clouds, then select Google Drive and press Add.

3. Now, complete the setting for Google Drive on CBackup, like cloud name, storage path, etc.

4. After adding Google Drive to CBackup, please click Sync > Sync PC to Public Cloud option.

5. Select the photos and videos on your computer, and tick the Google Drive as the location to save the photos and videos.

6. Press the Start Sync to upload photos and videos to Google Drive easily.

Tip: There are some useful settings for you to smart your sync task in Settings on the bottom left side.

  • Scheduler allows you to perform Google Drive schedule sync on daily, weekly, monthly or at a customized time, you don’t have to perform the sync task manually the next time.
  • Email Notification will send you the email about the backup process, and free you up to deal with other important things.
  • File Filter can exclude the file types that you don’t want to sync, and speed up your backup time and save your cloud storage.

And now, you can free up your local hard disk storage, and your backups stay on the Google Drive. If you need them, just restore it.

The Verdict

It’s easy to sync photos and videos to Google Drive, try the Google Drive for desktop or the free cloud backup service – CBackup, now you will find the easiest way to sync files to Google Drive. Besides, if you want to backup files locally, just try the backup software to get it.

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